The Worth of "Soles"

The first thing I am going to say concerning my missionary shoes is that I have had to swallow my pride. As we were looking for good shoes to take I turned my head at every pair that were supposed to be the best ones for missions. Simply because the way they looked. Like how could I wear  a pair of ugly shoes for 18 months straight? It wasn’t about to happen. Until I went in to Sister Missionary Mall (which I swore I wouldn’t shop there for my mission) and the sweetest ladies began telling me what shoes would be good for the Philippines. This lady had served in the Philippines as well and she said something that changed my whole view on the appearance of things that I am taking to the Philippines. She told me to imagine myself over in the Philippines sitting on the dirt floor of a tiny small hut sharing the greatest message about the Gospel to people that are dying to hear it. The LAST thing I or them will be thinking about is the way my shoes look. How unbelievably true is that? Not only do they not care, but I am not going to serve in the Philippines to look good everyday, I am going to share a message about the true church. So all of my shoes are about comfort and the ones that would be the best on my feet. Other sisters in my mission say that they walk about 8 miles a day. Basically, good comfortable shoes are a MUST. I also just tried to get colors that I could wear with all of my outfits. Don’t mind my ankles…soccer does that to ya.

1st Comes Comfort, 2nd Comes Looks
These are the shoes that I was mostly talking about in the paragraph above. I will be the first to say they are the furthest thing from glamorous, but they are so comfortable, easy to slide on, and have the best support ever! That’s all I really need. 

Dansko Clogs here
Dansko Mary Janes here
I love Toms. I realistically wanted to just takes a ton of Toms to wear all of the time, but I realized they wouldn’t have enough support to wear constantly. I am excited to take a couple though to interchange with outfits. Toms are so light, easy to clean, and easy to slide on and go. So I had to take some. Not to mention you can find them in just about whatever pattern, color, or style you want as you can see from my choices. 🙂 

HAD TO HAVE. Giraffe Print TOMS here
Red Stitchout TOMS here
Pay Less Flats
After I found most of the basic shoes I would wear everyday, I needed to find a couple pairs of flats to wear with more nice things and especially ones that are more stylish that I can wear while I am in the MTC for a bit. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them because I realized I probably wouldn’t want to be wearing little flats walking around in dirt while in the Philippines and I just needed them for certain occasions. I just went to a nearby Payless shoe store because they are the only stores around that carry size 11 shoes in store (yes I have large feet, now the whole world can know). Surprisingly they had the exact shoes I wanted! And luckily, they are flats that are made for comfort! I am excited to have them. 

Basic Silver Flats here 
Basic Nude Flats here

P-Day Pleasures
I  figured I would include some of the shoes I am taking to wear on P-Days just for the heck of it. Just the basics that everyone else would take! In particular though, these sandals are the greatest things ever. I honestly have no idea why they are so comfy and great because I mean they are just rubber, but I love them. We got them when we went to Hawaii a while ago, and had to find a place online to buy them because my sisters and I loved them so much! Plus they are SO cheap. 

Hawaiian “Jesus” Sandals here
Sweet Nikes Courtesy of BYU Soccer. 🙂  (saved them just for the mission!)

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  1. M&M says:

    Do you remember the website you bought the Hawaiian Jesus Sandals, I'd like to order some for Sister Holmes, in Lilo-an


  2. Kim Wood says:

    The website is called: 🙂


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