Decisions Determine Destiny

My family and I went and saw the new movie Ephraim’s Rescue the other day (which was amazing), and it really got me thinking about how truly grateful I am for the pioneers that sacrificed everything they had to come journey across the plains to Zion! I just can’t even comprehend how hard it was, and I don’t think any of us really could. The true miracles that were shared in the movie just gave me another reason to know that this Gospel is without a doubt true! Based off of our righteousness and faithfulness, the Lord will bless us in every way possible.The story of Ephraim Hanks is one that all of us can learn from. For those of you who aren’t sure who he is, he was called by Brigham Young (the prophet then) to go out and rescue the saints that were traveling across the plains that were going through the harsh Winter and that had run out of food and supplies. He was obedient enough to risk his own life to go out and help the people suffering. Apart of the journey, he was able to heal 100’s of people and even raise some from the dead. Gosh, talk about an incredible man! In the movie, a woman tells Ephraim how perfect he is and that he must have no imperfections. Ephraim responds and says that he has more flaws than you could possibly count. But he TRIES. That’s it. He tries. That was something that really stuck to me from the movie. None of us are perfect. Matter of fact, we are FAR from it. All Heavenly Father asks is that we try! Try our very hardest in everything we do. I thought that was pretty awesome. I recommend that everyone sees this show! Everything in it is based off of true stories which makes it even more amazing.
                    To read Ephraim Hank’s journal entries click here

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to go on pioneer trek with my stake and some of my best friends! Though it didn’t even compare to what the pioneers went through, it kind of gave me a glance at what it was like. These are some of the pictures from it. My testimony was strengthened through this experience, and it is something that I will never forget!

I am so grateful for my ancestors that came before me. My family wouldn’t be where we are without them having the faith to travel across the plains. As I live my life and make decisions, I want to pave the way for the generations to come just like my ancestors did for me.

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  1. Ann Flint says:

    You are going to be an amazing missionary. 😀 Sending my prayers and love with you.


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