Soccer Family. #makeitcount

As the time is creeping closer and closer to me leaving, I have been reminiscing on the people that have allowed me to get where I am today and have influenced my choice of serving a mission. For all of you that are apart of a sports team, you have to agree that there is so much more of a bond when it comes to a team than some may think. They become your family. Though some may drive you crazy half the time, it doesn’t matter and you forget about it, because you are a team. You all have the same goal. It is amazing how when each of you have the same goal, it automatically brings you closer to each other in every way! Well, my soccer team has become my 2nd family. I am so grateful for all of the lifelong friends I will have because of it! Not to mention, I am going to miss playing with these girls for a while! 18 months seems FOREVER to not play soccer. I used to think our 4 week break after the season was long, but whoa. I want to thank each of them for being such great examples to me on and off the field! Seriously, they are the greatest girls ever. I am so grateful for how hard they would push me because it has made me so much better! I really do believe that our team does so well because we are a family. Enjoy all the photos from my fabulous freshman year of BYU soccer! 🙂 
Our first game as freshmen.
5-0 win over Texas!
Costa Vida after a freezing game!

Last game with these girls for a while.
Soccer girls were the intramural CHAMPIONS.
Obviously something exciting happened.
Soccer team vs. volleyball team in volleyball

I’ll take the credit for this photo. NCAA tourney.
The 2013 schedule is out and if you are a BYU soccer fan, you won’t want to miss it. Go here to see the exciting schedule ahead of our team this fall! #makeitcount

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