Teach People – Not Lessons

Class on the 4th of July
And she wonders why people were staring and calling her Miss America. God bless America Courtnee!
The fact that another week has passed just blows my mind! I don’t even know what to talk about. I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July! The 4th of July was a little bit different here in the MTC. Matter of fact it didn’t even feel like a holiday! Besides the fact that I looked like a walking flag and that no mail came, so I didn’t get your package mom! Yes, I was upset. Anyways, I am starting to get the feeling that I am the freak show here at the MTC. In a bad or good way, I don’t know. A girl came up to me on the 4th and said she couldn’t wait to see what I would wear that day haha! As I walked around in my patriotic outfit, I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s heads turn and stare. I already get looks since I am taller than every other girl, but it was like 10x worse.
 So for the celebration that night we were all pleasantly surprised and they let us watch 17 Miracles! It was the best!!! Then we went outside and had ice cream and got to watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire. It was legit and super fun!
This week we taught a few lessons. We taught Tommy and Nenneth. The lessons with Tommy were amazing! But Nenneth was a struggle. As we taught Tommy, the spirit was so strong and it felt so real. My companion and I were able to teach a whole lesson, and trust me, it was all because of the spirit. I found myself being able to say things I never thought I could and I WAS ACTUALLY SPEAKING TAGALOG! It felt so good. We walked out of the room and were screaming and hugging each other out of excitement. Can’t imagine what it will feel like out in the field! We taught Nenneth and it was completely opposite. She wasn’t talking very much and we both started freezing up and didn’t know what to say. IT WAS AWKWARD and we hated it, and we decided we are never having a lesson like that again! A big thing we learned this week was to teach people, not lessons. We have to turn our lessons in to things that fit the needs of who we are teaching. It makes such a big difference. We had a devotional on Tuesday and the guy spoke about how there can be good days and bad, and he shared with us entries from him journal that were just UP then DOWN. And that really is how it is here. It feels so good to have good days, and then when you have a bad one with teaching or whatever, you have to get back up!
It has been an amazing week spiritually. As I sit in our classroom and we are learning this insane amount of information, I sat there one day and I literally could feel that there was someone else there helping me do it. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there to help us ALL THE TIME! When we want it. And the last couple weeks that is all I have wanted, because I know that I can’t do any of this without their help! I know for a fact also that scriptures speak to us. They are tools to give us answers and we can know the truths of these things through the Spirit! It is so comforting knowing that we can always turn to God for help. Gosh I love it! Praying has taken on a whole new meaning to me while being here, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I am so blessed to be able to have my own personal relationship with our Father in heaven!
Thank you everyone for all the love and support! We get our travel plans not this friday, but the next! So that tells you how fast time is flying! Only 3 more P-Days here in the MTC! CRAZY! EXCITING!
Mahal Kita. 🙂
– Sister Wood

After Devotional

Sister Wood making her MTC choir debut 

Sister Wood and Sister Ulu’Ave – Regular class day

Temple walk in 105 degrees isn’t very fun
She wore the dog skirt – hahahaha!!
I think she’s trying to tell us something!

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