True Conversion Comes Through the Power of the Spirit

Sister Wood – having to much fun
Kumusta Everybody!
I hope you are all doing fabulous!
And I thought last week went by fast… anyways, MTC life is going great. The last few days have been rainy you know, and it has been awesome here! I don’t know why it makes the days more fun, it just does!
The gym at 2M has been heaven to me the last week! It is what I look forward to most in the day. And geez for being at the MTC it is pretty nice. They have a cardio theater things going on with like 5 flat screens and different shows on them all. But the real plus is that it is the only place that you can wear headphones on the the whole MTC campus! So yeah its is the greatest and a time for a little getaway from everything! They also have free weights, so Josh would be really proud of me because though I do not like lifting, I have been doing some of his arm workouts. ūüôā
The food here is gradually getting better, or maybe I am just getting used to it haha. They have a really good and fresh salad/wrap bar that I go to for every meal besides breakfast.
Typical day meals:
 Breakfast Рoatmeal & peaches
Lunch – Salad/Soup
Dinner – Salad/Wrap/Soup/Pasta (depends)
So yeah, I shouldn’t complain, because in a couple weeks I will be praying for the MTC food again!
A girl in my district and I were talking and realized that going on a mission could be one of the biggest preps for marriage haha! No, but really. On a mission there are so many things you have to learn about dealing with people. Like companions and such. Getting along with them and accepting their differences, because you are with them 24/7! It has taken so much patience, but I think I am getting better.¬†I never thought I could handle¬†being with girls all day and all night, but LOOK¬†I am doing it, and it is actually not to bad. ūüôā
The Tagalog is coming even more along! I actually know a lot more than I give myself credit for. Like when my teacher tells me to start teaching my kasama about the importance of going to simbahan (church) and I stare at her like what in the world? You really think I can do that right off the top of my head? So she let me do it in English, then the next time around, it just started flowing and I was able to explain it with what I knew! It was pretty cool. They have a lot of faith in us and expect a lot, which is what we need. 
The teaching this week has been incredible. We taught our investigator Tommy (our teacher pretending to be a real investigator)¬†3 times, and each time we came out, our teacher told us that was the best lesson so far. SO WE ARE IMPROVING! AND WE ARE FEELING LIKE REAL MISSIONARIES! In each of our lessons, the Spirit was so strong, and no joke, the Holy Ghost inspired us to teach the lessons a certain way, and it was exactly what he needed! You have no idea how exciting it was. We have¬†taught him about¬†The Book of Mormon,¬†how to feel the spirit, and¬†about life after death since he had questions about it.¬†I¬†know for a fact that it is the Spirit that teaches the¬†people though. We are just God’s mouthpiece.¬†Gosh I can’t imagine what¬†it will be like out in the¬†field!¬†
Speaking of the field, the next group leaves on Monday, then GUESS WHO IS NEXT?! Me. Cool huh?
2 Sundays Left
2 P-days left
2 weeks left
I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!!! Sorry, not appropriate, I have just been deprived. ūüôā
But after tomorrow, we will only have one more Sunday here, because we leave on Sunday the 28th. Now when you think like that, it is scary. We get our travel plans on Friday, so I will let you know what they are when I find out! I think I am ready to go, but in reality, I need to learn as much as possible in the next 2 weeks.
Also EVERYONE, my mom is the best and got me some sweet stickers, so if you want one, you have to write me a letter! Hope that’s an incentive… ūüôā
Mahal Kita. ‚̧
– Sister Wood
The District – 3 weeks out (halfway)

Sister Wood – Still in the choir! Miracles happen in the MTC

Sister Wood and her Kasama at language study in the computer lab

District Brownies
Ummm – Not sure. Her letter said they were attacked with cinnamon rolls
Sister Wood with Elder Alex Kuresa – friend from BYU
Sister Wood with Elder Dallin Johnson – High school friend
Sister Wood in her 1D t-shirt – Disclaimer: she did not actually wear this outfit in the MTC. She’s just a dork!


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