Exact Obedience

Sister Wood and a cow? She sent this picture to Lynn (her Dad) It’s the only pic we’ve gotten since she’s been there. Out of all the pictures she could send I think its so funny she sent this one.

So that week went by really really really fast. But that’s okay, I guess it means we were so busy!

First things first, EXACT OBEDIENCE BRINGS MIRACLES. My testimony has been strengthened on that aspect. At first it was way annoying that we were doing everything on our schedule BY THE MINUTE, but as we have done that, the Lord has blessed our work. Yeah, it is awesome. There are slow days where we feel like we didn’t have much success, but then as I stop and think about all the little blessings that the Lord put in our path, like really…miracles happen on this earth. So blessed. I know for a fact that the Lord is preparing people all over the world to hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have ran into people that were unexpected, and all they want to know is the truth. An investigator we found named Jason hasn’t been very religious his whole life. As we taught him he was the one asking us questions about what was true. It was my favorite lesson by far!!! Loved it. He is the smartest kid in the world. He had never prayed in his entire life, so we challenged him to pray about our message this week so I can not wait to go back and see the answer he got. Geez this work is just exciting!
I got to see Sister UluAve and Sister Shrack this week from my district in the MTC. AH it was the best. Just a little bit of a boost at the perfect time I needed it. Heavenly Father really is watching over me. 🙂
Oh, so I bought a basketball. The workouts in my room were NOT cutting it. Yeah, anyways, so I bought a basketball and there is a court by our apartment. So we go and play in the mornings now. Hahaha believe it or not, people come out at 6:30 AM to just sit and watch us play basketball. When I saw them it was the most hilarious thing to me. Because none of the girls I am with play basketball, only me. So when we play 2 v. 2 I only use my left hand hahaha. Oh man. But yes, the basketball was a great investment. On the same line as sports, everyone asks if I am related to Tiger Woods. Haha really? I just say no, I am white. And leave it at that. 🙂

So we had a zone meeting this week. We get there and look at the program, and look who it is… Sister Wood saying the opening prayer. I look at the closing prayer, look who it is…. Elder Wood saying the closing prayer. They think they are so so funny. Hahah okay it was funny.

Everyone, my hair is getting so long! Just an unnecessary fact, but I am looooovin it. The vitamins really do help!

Also, just a little sentimental moment…. Dad bought me the insect repellant he buys when he goes out hunting and hiking and stuff, and at first, I was kinda like okay whatever… no big deal. BUT I use that stuff every single day. And I am the only one that has never gotten a mosquito bite yet.  But most importantly, when I put it on, it reminds me of my dad and when I walk into our storage room and smell all of his camping gear. 🙂 And mom, I bought some hand lotion, even though I don’t wear lotion, just because it smells like the kind you would have us rub on your feet. The basic clean smelling lotion. I love it. 🙂

Well, I think that is the basics of my week.
Oh and don’t worry I am all completely safe here right now. I think they make everything sound worse than it really is. (typhoon wise) haha. Thank you for all of your prayers! I am the luckiest, and I know that this church is true. My testimony grows everyday.

Mahal ko kayo!

– Sister Wood
PS. Update on the language…. It has been going fine, besides the lady who we were teaching a short message and I was stumbling over my Tagalog words and she turns and says to me in English, “You don’t even speak good Tagalog?” SHOT TO MY SELF CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But who cares. 🙂 I am over it.

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  1. Heather says:

    My daughter enters the MTC in two weeks to head for Laoag… Would you mind sharing the kind of bug repellant you sent with your daughter, please? And thanks for posting!


  2. Kim Wood says:

    Sure! Its called Ultrathon by 3M. There is a post on her blog called, “all things sister missionary”. I posted some of the things I have found that work great for her mission. Here is the link to the post: http://shinguardstosandals.blogspot.com/2013/08/all-things-sister-missionary.html
    I hope you find it helpful. She has loved her mission so far. You and your daughter are in for quite an adventure. If you have any other questions feel free to email me direct at: lynnwood07@comcast.net


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