Big Feet and the Power of Prayer

Sister Wood at the post office in Laoag


Another week has gone by! Whoa.

I don’t understand how over in the states I can go from being told I look old to coming here and people thinking I am 14. Yes I repeat 14. Someone thought I was 14. Do I look like I am 14? Hahahaha I can’t get over how hilarious that is. They say I have a “young face.” Haha yet I could smash most of the adults here with my big feet!!! Speaking of feet, on last P-Day  we were at the mall and they had the Taylor Swift collection of Keds, so of course I asked if they had my size. Well, they only had up to size 9. In the whole mall. Joke right? Hahaha all I could do was laugh. 
 So I have really had to adapt to the food here. Everything that isn’t supposed to be sweet is sweet, and everything that is supposed to be sweet isn’t. That includes spaghetti. Their spaghetti is sweet! And I have really tried to be okay with that, but I finally came to the point where I had to make american style, and now I won’t every turn back. 🙂 I also eat peanut butter and jelly all the time haha it is the closest thing to home food! And reminds me of my mother. But yeah, it’s my favorite. My favorite food here so far is dragon fruit. It is the most amazing fruit in the world I love it. And we have an investigator that has dragon fruit orchards 🙂 So you best believe I love going there!!! 🙂 Nah, she is super cool as well and speaks english!
The other night, we were walking home from the ward activity and a rat ran right by my foot. I screamed so loud and probably had a vert of like 40+ I jumped so high….. hahaha. AH the critters here scare me sometimes, but I still love it!
I have realized the power of prayer this week. I have always loved praying, but this week it is kind of like BAM. My companion and I were trying to really help people understand that prayer really is a conversation with God. And he wants us to communicate with him all the time. Well we went and taught these ladies that were so cool. Loved them. And we emphasized this topic really hard in our lesson. At the end we asked her to pray. We showed her how to do it and stuff, and at first they are always shy, but as she began to pray it was amazing.. the Spirit came into the room so quick. She continued praying and she got to the point where she couldn’t anymore and we just sat there in silence with our heads down and arms folded. She couldn’t continue. She had felt the spirit so strong that she began to be emotional and couldn’t even continue her prayer!!! What an amazing thing. Sister Rico finished praying, and the lady just kept wiping back tears. How powerful!! She realized that prayer really is a conversation with God. Before going to bed, it is my favorite thing to do. It is the only time I have to myself to really have a 1 on 1 conversation with God. It is my time to pour my heart out to him, and it is so comforting knowing that I can. I challenge everyone to make prayer a priority and develop a good relationship with our father in heaven.
Have an amazing week. Stay safe, and know I am thinking about you all!
Sister Wood

Sister Wood and her investigators – He is standing on his tippy toes. Yep! She’s tall ( we only get partially downloaded pictures from her, but its still so great to see her happy )



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