The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

Sister Courtnee Wood’s e-mail address:

Sister Wood standing outside her apartment – She wanted me to point out that her hair is getting long. The missionaries are encouraged to take a lot of vitamins so their hair doesn’t fall out. It looks like those vitamins are doing their job.

KUMUSTA once again!

Life in Laoag is going fabuloso. (throwing in some spanish, why not)

Like expected during the rainy season, it is RAINING CATS AND DOGS!!! Haha I like that phrase, because here in the Philippines, it rains so hard that it could be cats and dogs, but at the same time, there are so many cats and dogs that you would actually think it rained them. Anyways, one day we put our huge laundry tubs outside and they filled to the very top in only 3 hours. Just from rain. So yeah, loads of rain. MALAKAS ULAN! But…. with rain comes floods, with floods comes homes underwater. Literally. On Tuesday we went and helped a recent convert family in our ward because the water was up past their waist in their house. Not to mention they have 6 kids, all under about 15. We got there and weren’t allowed to go in the water so we felt so helpless. We seriously watched the water rise and go into a house that was free from water earlier. I will never forget that experience though because as I watched the father of this family he moved all their stuff and carried their children through this dangerous water with nothing but a smile on his face. Gosh seeing it made me want to burst into tears. So yeah, the water here is crazy.

The other day we walked into a house and I sit down and look up and there is A LIVE FROG HANGING FROM THE CEILING! It was hooked like when you catch a fish by a thick wire. IT WAS STILL BREATHING AND EVERYTHING! Oh my lanta it was the saddest thing ever. And they were just talking about how delicious it is. I couldn’t even concentrate!

Oh okay, but now the other day the office elders came and asked if we had permethrin to kill a huge spider. We went to the other apartment and this thing was MASSIVE!!! It was all hair and probably the size of my hand. GAVE ME THE HEEBY JEEBYS!  Don’t worry they killed it.

This week we had a big zone conference and had interviews with President! It was so fun. Our zone is awesome possum. We had a training and then we made food for a long time. (Okay I didn’t really make any of the food). But I stood there as moral support for the cooks haha! We found a giant bug at that too. Like the one on Bug’s Life. The big huge blue beetle one! Now the funny thing is, all the elders here told me that before they came on their mission they swore that they would never go to BYU. Ever. BUT all the ones that thought that admitted that they want to go there now after their mission BOO YA! Haha of course I supported it. Made me laugh.

We have been going running on all of our days that it is not raining, but this week I got to the point where I had to play soccer. I got my basketball and spent my exercise time juggling my basketball outside. Hey, it is better than nothing. I was working on my form of my kicks inside in between studies practicing my form hahaha I am so lame. I just miss soccer okay. Speaking of soccer. SHOUT OUT TO MY TEAM! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Now just write me. Thank you. 🙂 Haha.
Well, I think that about concludes my week! Life is good. Missionary life is good.

Mahal Kita 🙂

– Sister Wood

Sister Wood on a bridge


Sister Wood and her Kasama Sister Rico – walking and walking and walking

Sister Wood’s desk in her apartment. This was fun for me (her Mom) to see. These are her “treasures” as she put it. She LOVES pictures, so if you get a chance, email her a picture.

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