Life in Laoag

Sister Wood with her kasama Sister Rico

Hey all! this is Sister Wood’s mom. I feel like I need to explain something she talks about in her email. She mentions her companion telling her to wipe the food off her face. I died laughing at this. Ever since Courtnee was little she couldn’t eat anything without getting it all over her face. You would think as she got older this would change and maybe she would feel the food on her face, but NO. Even as a teenager she would eat ice cream and honestly she looked like a 3 year old. In fact, in high school, the soccer team had an end of year banquet and the seniors gave each girl a “gag” gift. They gave Courtnee a Barbie doll and they had drawn brown all over the mouth of it, like she had chocolate ice cream all over her mouth. I’m glad she hasn’t changed! These are the little things that make her who she is.

Kumusta mga tao!

Life is great. It really is. Sorry about my last letter, my thoughts were all over the place and I didn’t put anything that was even important in that! I know one thing… that I haven’t changed one bit! As my companion and I are proselyting… I am telling her to wipe the extra make up off her face and she is telling me to wipe the food off my face! Sorry mom, I am still the same
September 11th was this week, and no I did not forget! We sang patriotic hymns all day and I even wore my patriotic get-up. I was happy! I really am proud to be an american, and since being here I realize how blessed we are for the freedoms we enjoy in the US of A! 

I’m guessing this is the “Patriotic Get-Up” that she is referring to – God Bless America


So we were going to visit an LA (less active) this week out away from the city and it reminded me of walking in the mountains. We get to their house and I look around and see that all types of birds are all over and there are big cages for them… reminded me of someone else I know.. (cough cough DAD.) We walked over and I told my companion, “We have to be interested in his animals to gain his trust and stuff, just trust me, I know how these guys think!” So I walked in and started talking to him about all of his different birds and his face just lit up! He took me around and showed me all the different birds he had and was seriously so happy! He was so attentive in our lesson and I know it was because I acted interested in what he liked! His favorite animal is the turkey. Haha. Hey you do what you gotta do. Dad thank you for being a crazy bird/animal man so that I had experience!
Alright, so we have a place in our area called La Paz, and it is beautiful. But we found out it is a lot bigger than we thought, and have had no foreigners there haha. We started walking where we had never been before and literally it was like a parade was going on. Us being the stars of it. Everyone was out on their balconies waving at us and it was just crazy! So we of course waved back, and yeah, felt like a parade. As we walked further, a herd of about 20 children follwed us everywhere. Even into the house of our lesson! The whole time they were touching my skin and touching the moles on my face and arms! Haha and then as we were leaving the little town, I had 3 kids on each side of me holding my arms/hands! Okay, I was so happy and I was in heaven. I love the children here. They are so so so so cute! I love being a missionary. 
Sister Wood and the “herd” of children. I’m not gonna lie, Courtnee’s choice of words kills me. I laugh hysterically at her e-mails. She loves the Filipino children.
We have a baptism on Saturday and I can’t wait! His name is Joey and he is 19 years old. He is so ready to be baptized and I know he will be a great leader in the church.
MOTHER, I got your package this week. It made me so happy. You are the best, and you know me way too well! 
There are miracles that happen every week here and I am so blessed and grateful. 
Oh yeah, we had a zone activity today. We played sports and stuff. My new favorite game though is rugby! AHHH IT WAS SO FUN! I got to play with the elders and a couple sisters. Besides the fact that my feet are raw/sore from playing it on the track. Hey the WIN was worth it. It was much
needed. 🙂

Have an amazing week everyone!
Mahal Kita.
– Sister Wood


After the Zone Rugby match – It frightens me that she has taken up Rugby. Sister Wood is far to competitive for this sport. Those poor 5’3 Filipino Elders don’t stand a chance. The thought of it just makes me smile.

Zoomed in so I could see her big smile


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