Happy Holidays?? – Sister Wood told us that the Filipino people start playing Christmas music and preparing for Christmas at the beginning of the …..ber months. September, October, November December.

Sister Wood’s first baptism – Joey

The Philippines LAOAG mission SAVED 101 souls in the month of September ALONE! I don’t know about you, but that is pretty sweet. Don’t you think? 101 more souls that have the chance to live with our Heavenly Father again! I am pretty happy about it. Makes us 1 step closer to reaching 1000 souls by the end of the year!
And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Philippines! Is it not Christmas there? Because here we are already singing Christmas songs in sacrament meeting hahaha. How cool is that? I mean people already have Christmas lights up and everything! All I am going to say is Christmas here is going to be a celebration like never before. Haha.
So we got a new Sister in our apartment and she is Filipino, and she is so so so cool. And speaks the language so good. Well duh, she is from here, but for me is awesome. BECAUSE my tagalog is progressing. I told her to only talk to me in tagalog. And if by the end of the month I can have complete normal conversation all in tagalog then I will buy her a halo-halo. Hahaha! Hey I need help okay.
This week we also finally got to have Brother Joey’s baptism! Ah what a special day it was. My heart was so happy seeing him get baptized. He bore the most solid testimony in the world after it as well. No, I didn’t understand it because it was in ilocano, but I felt it. And everyone was so impressed! He actually has already fellowshipped with us before he was even baptized! He is that good. I know that he will be such an amazing member of the church. Oh my heavens I almost forgot, my kasama and I sang at it…….. haha no this is not a joke, this is real. We sang I feel my savior’s love and When I am baptized. It went……….. Okay. I don’t like singing. So that’s that. BUT the SPIRIT was felt as we sang so that is all that matters. We were so proud of Joey. He will help so many people! Not to mention that so many people from the ward came out to support him which made it even better. 
Joey’s Baptism Day

Joey kept telling the Sister’s that he is a white belt in Karate – haha


Dad you asked how we contact people, and we try and get referrals, but we mostly contact on the street! It has been working pretty well, and we can kind of discern who really would be interested. Yes it is scary at first, but I have gotten better at it!
The Lord is blessing us with such amazing people to teach that have so much faith. Even though we are teaching them, they are strengthening me! What a blessing. Our attendance from investigators and less active is increasing and it makes me the absolute happiest. 
This place is amazing.
Have an awesome week!
– Sister Wood
P.S. My companion told me my personality/chillness is like a guy. Best compliment I have every received. 🙂 
Sister Wood and Sister Brewer from St. George – They live in the same apartment and Courtnee loves her!
A market in Laoag that Sister Wood jogs past every morning
 Sister Wood representing BYU. WCC Champions t-shirt and BYU backpack 🙂
I was so excited to see that Courtnee sent a video – Her caption said, ” hahaha, this is all you get to see of me”
She thinks she is so funny!!

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