Chicken Head Soup and BIG Spiders!! Halloween? Nope, Life in Laoag

Apparently Sister Wood got her Halloween package

Hi everyone!

Another week has come and gone, and it sure was a great one. This week I had the opportunity to cook for our apartment. Soooo…. you know of course I do the usual breakfast for lunch on Saturday which consisted of banana pancakes and bacon! That is what I decided I wanted to make haha. The only thing that was different was that the bacon here isn’t like at home where it has flavor. It tasted like it had come right out of the pig. Haha oh well, it was worth the try!

The other night I saw a massive spider on the road, so I found the heaviest thing close to me (a cement brick) and dropped it on it. Come to find out it was pregnant and right as I smashed it, tons of baby spiders went running everywhere. So sooner than later, there will be many giant spiders like the one I squashed. 

The VERY BIG Spider 
This just might have been a ‘deal breaker’ for my arachnophobic son, Stetson. But Sister Wood is one tough woman!


This week we happened to come across a huge group of women under a waiting shade. Like I am talking 30+ ladies. So I told my companion, lets teach them! Haha of course after I said that she made me lead and do the whole thing. All of the ladies were so attentive, and it was such a good experience for me. It was scary teaching a group that big with such broken Tagalog, but I know the Lord helped me big time.
There is a 75 year old Nanay that came to church this week. Her name is Nanay Batugal (grandma of joey who just got baptized), and she has been being taught for 5 months. Yesterday was the first time she has come to church. It was truly a miracle. We went to her house in the morning and took breakfast so that there was literally no excuse for her not to go! As she got out of the tricey and hobbled into the church I couldn’t have been more happy. 
This week we had 19 new investigators!!!!!!! It was such a blessing! We got 21 a few weeks ago, but the Lord is putting so many people in our paths! We just need to work to get all of these people baptized. Right now we have 10 people with baptismal goal dates. There is a whole family amongst that number, and we are doing everything we can to prepare them to be baptized. 
We are all so excited to watch General conference this weekend. It is such an amazing time to bring all of our investigators and for all them to hear the words of our living prophet! I know for a fact that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. He leads and guides our church. We are so lucky that Heavenly Father loves us enough to call prophets! I hope you all have an amazing week.
Sister Wood
P.S. People here think that Clara looks like an “xerox copy” of me (meaning twins). Is that true?!? haha

Chicken Head Soup…………….Before
Thank Heavens they have been de-beaked

Sister Wood showing me her long hair – Vitamins are working!!

Sister Sunday Night – She loves these ladies!

The weekly random cow picture 
Sister Wood  was so irritated about the fact that they put a rope through the cow’s nostrils.

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