Simply Amazing

mga bata (little children) and Sister Wood
“This is so my favorite picture. something unique amongst a field of all the same thing. Kind of like us as people. If that makes sense?” – Sister Wood

Once again, time is flying by so fast. I am already on my last week of the 12-week program! Yay! 🙂 Then I will get to be a “normal” missionary for a few weeks. It will be so sweet. So us people here in the Philippines just barely got to watch General Conference, and I will just add that it was absolutely amazing. I literally could go on and on about every talk, but it would take too much time! All I know is that we are so lucky that God loves us enough to call Prophets and apostles. I know they are called by God, and everything they said is what Heavenly Father wants us to hear. And you best bet I wrote exactly what President Monson wrote in his journal that night! 🙂 Because it is true.

Yesterday we were out proselyting and had a list of people we could visit. There was a young girl we saw a couple of days ago that I knew I wanted to visit. She is half canadian half filipino and speaks all english. When we passed her she was just outside playing the guitar and wearing nike running shorts. She also plays basketball. She is adorable. And my type of girl haha. My companion wanted to bypass them yesterday and go to someone else and I told her no, we are right here lets just go to them now. So we went there and tao po ed their house and no one was coming. We waited like 5 minutes. And were about to leave. Then out pokes the girls head out of her door. She is SO SHY. We walked over and just let ourselves in because they all ran and hid! Haha we told them to come out and started talking to them. We began sharing our message with Bianca (13) and Phoebe (26). Phoebe began to cry during it. I guess she had been praying that she could find the missionaries again. (i guess they taught her a long time ago). I am so grateful that I had the prompting to go and teach these girls. Its an amazing thing being an instrument in the Lord’s hands. These two girls now have a baptismal date for November 23rd. 🙂 
This week we got 7 new baptismal dates and 19 new investigators! The Lord is helping us so much in our works. We have been setting high goals and have been able to achieve them with his help! He keeps sending us people that are prepared and want to hear the message of the Gospel. Without Him all of this would be impossible. 
So our new AP is Elder Tate who went to Northridge High School. I never knew who he was, but come to find out we have a lot of mutual friends! Such a small world. 
Haha the people here don’t get the concept that it is really hot. (i just assume they don’t.) I wear my hair up all the time, and they have never stopped asking me why I put my hair up. They straight up tell me I don’t look as good with it up. Hahaha I just laugh at them and tell them sorry, it is too hot here in the Philippines. My companion actually chopped her hair last week. Don’t worry, not gonna happen with me!
Well, the adventures and amazing experience continue to happen here. I love it here. I really do. I am so blessed. 
Love, Sister Wood

Sister Wood helping out the “bird man”

Sister Wood and Sister Rico

Sister Wood fell love with this cute little boy and his toy car
Rice Fields

The Filipino people lay the rice out on the roads to dry it

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  1. Dear Sister,
    I love your blog! I am setting my daughter's blog up for her mission in Mexico (she reports in less about a week!). We are using blogspot like you, but I don't know how to put the countdown or the clock on it… Weird question, but maybe your mom could email me about it? I have been trying for hours to figure it out… Thanks! And good luck!
    Jeanelle Eichstaedt
    MM to Hermana Donna Eichstaedt
    Mexico, Oaxaca mission


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