What About Your Boyfriend??

Sister Wood loves the Filipino Children and from the looks of it, they love her too!!

Hi everyone!
It has been an excellent week. A lot of good things happened. I hope all of your weeks were amazing as well! Earlier this week we saw first hand the power of members working with missionaries. During companion study Sister Rico and I were practicing teaching the lesson we were going to teach to a referral we got from our recent convert (Joey). Just the restoration lesson. As Sister Rico was teaching me she was prompted to ask a question we have never asked in  our lessons before. About who was standing above Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. So anyways, later that night, Joey was fellowshipping with us and we got to the first vision part, and afterwards, Joey immediately asked Jerick if he knew who was standing above Joseph SMith. Like out of nowhere. We never told him anything or did any prep with him before it. Jerick answered completely different than the right answer, so it was amazing, and Joey was inspired to ask him that and he had no idea. It was such a cool experience for all of us.

We had exchanges this week! i was so nervous… I went with Sister De La Cruz who didn’t like speaking english. So she spoke tagalog the whole day. It was mahirap. It was a good day besides of course no one we planned for was there! But we got 12 new investigators! 🙂 It was a really good learning experience for me. Especially since I am training in 2 weeks!
So, the best story of them all…. on Friday night, I had my camera in my pocket and as I was getting out of the tricy at our house, it fell out inside there., Of course I didn’t notice. Before we went inside we asked him his name just to be friendly. Come  to find out he was a nephew of a guy in our bishopric. So we go inside.. about 20 minutes later I realize it is missing. I knew I had left it in one of the triceys. But I was just sick to my stomach. Ah so scared. Cause I had rode two different triceys that night so I didnt know which one it was. Basically, I knew I wasn’t going to get it back. But I still had some faith in me. I prayed so hard, and so did all the other sisters! I woke up the next day and still no news on it. Everyone said to go repot to the police station, so we did, and the officer there basically said tough luck because we didn’t have the tricey number. He told me to just pray that whoever found it has a conciense. So that wasn’t much help. I still had some faith in me don’t worry. While we were studying a member pulled up at our apartment. (he always does). And I was a bit ornery and said “he better not be here unless he has my camera!” haha anyways, i just went outside to see what they were doing, and his wife knew i had lost it and asked if i prayed. Of course i said YES! She walked back to her tricey, and I was about to turn and go inside and she walks around holding my camera. I stood there in shock. Seriously so happy. I couldn’t believe it. Heavenly Father ANSWERS PRAYERS EVERYONE! No matter what it is. Gosh I am so grateful. I still don’t have words for how I have my camera haha. Kind of speechless! The police told me “you are lucky.” That’s it. And it is because Heavenly Father loves His missionaries. More than we could ever imagine. I am so blessed. 
Last but not least, this week in relief society the teacher asked me what I have sacrificed to be here on a mission. So I begin telling everyone that giving up soccer for a year an a half was a huge sacrifice. As I am talking a lady speaks up loudly and says “WHAT ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND?” from across theroom. Everyone started laughing, and I had to explain that I am extremely single right now, and that I did not have to give up a boyfriend. Hahaha. Seriously! I was just like come on now. But of course it was funny. 
Anyways, it has been an excellent week! Our work in our area is progressing so much! 
Thanksfor all the love and support!
-Sister Wood 
Sister Wood and Sister Brewer

Look who it is!!! Elder Sloan

Rice laid out to dry on the Basketball court

We didn’t get our weekly cow picture, but instead she sent us this gem – A Rat

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