Happy Holidays!!

I should preface this weeks pictures by telling you all that Sister Wood has been very sick with Dengue fever this week. But bless her heart, she never mentioned it once in her letter. She is my hero!!

Happy Birthday Sister Wood!!! – So Sicky 😦
Birthday dinner on the balcony

Royal Strong and True – Always reppin BYU
Happy December everyone! I can’t believe it is December already either. I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. We had district meeting that day and  we all forgot that it was a holiday! We went and ate at KFC, so I guess that was our Thanksgiving dinner. This week was magical because it was literally 70-75 degrees on some days. It felt so incredibly amazing. Haha all the kids were in sweatshirts and beanies. All the filipinos were freezing! So I guess that’s as cold as it will get. I don’t know! 
Thank you all so much who took part in the little birthday suprise that mymom put together! I loved it more than words can describe! Haha the birthday was just another day in the mission field! Nothing special! BEsides the sweet sisters made me dinneron the balcony, so of course that was a awesome. 
Yesterday we were walking on the street and out of nowhere  a big monkey jumps up on the fence next to us. IT SCARED US SO BAD! I swear I have seen more monkeys here… gosh. And it wasn’t on a leash or anything! Don’t ask what it was doing cause I have no idea. 
So you know the Javier family from La Paz that we have been teaching. Oh how amazing they are. We have continued teaching them and they are on and off magsimba (going to church). But this last week we taught Word of Wisdom and they immediately committed to quit drinking coffee. These people have so much faith! So they asked us when church was again this week and said they were going. They show up to church and we have gospel principles class. The topic was Eternal Families, which was so perfect for them! Well an RM in our ward decided to come in the class and was just going in to all of this deep doctrine stuff that did not need to be talked about with investigators there. They didn’t really talk to us after church and just left. So I hope and pray that they were able to feel the Spirit there. There are a lot of times like that at church where we don’t have control over things and all we can do is pray that the Spirit touches their hearts. I think that they have the faith, so it will be okay, it is just hard sometimes when we work to get people to church and then something unnecessary happens like that. But its alright! We also have another investigator, someone that Joey referred us to, and he has come to church twice, so he can probably be baptized this month! He is 18 years old and his name is John Eric. We have called him Jenerick this whole time though. They never correct us when we say their names wrong! 
Well I am so sorry this email is all over the place. So many little things happened this week and I can’t keep them straight! I hope you all have an amazing December and remember the true meaning of Christmas. I was reading in 2 Nephi earlier today and it was about the Savior. All I want to do is become like Him. Too bad it is the hardest thing ever. There are so many Christlike attributes I need to develop more, but slowly and surely Heavenly Father is helping me. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and his atonement. We are nothing without it. Thank you so much for all of the thoughts and prayers.I am so grateful.
– Sister Wood 
Tired, worn out, dirty feet

Sister Wood’s creation out of plastic sacks. She wanted me to put this pic on pinterest. hahaha

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