Happy New Years!!

New Years Eve – Eating Lechon (big giant cooked pig)
New Years Eve – Sister Wood and Sister Fuchs

My mind is completely blank as I am typing right now, I guess I left all of my thoughts in 2013. Haha that was a dumb joke. ANYWHO, on New Years eve we got to have a big old lunch at President Daquiog’s house with both of the zone in Laoag. It was sweet. We ate Lechon. The big giant cooked pig thing. It was tasty tasty! It was fun to be with all of the other missionaries and President! I guess it is a tradition that they do every year. So that night we went to bed at 10:30 pm and then woke back up at 12:00. I mean not even on purpose though. It sounded like an absolute battle field I kid you not. There were sky fireworks, but most of them were just firecracker and bottle rockets. And just tons and tons of rounds of them! All of us were up outside on our deck. There was no way we were sleeping through it! My very favorite part of it was the tons of floating lanterns that people let off in the sky. I am doing that when I get home even if it kills me! On New Years day we had exchanges, so we got to start the new year with a new companion! I got to work with SIster Diamond from Ogden, Utah. It was fun working with another Utah girl. 🙂


The next day we had district meeting and it was actually pretty fun! We did a speed teaching game, and we had to share 3 scriptures, give the background and apply it all in 2 minutes. It was competitive so of course i loved it. I got it good with 8 seconds left, but then elder castillo did it, and dropped a baptismal date with 20 seconds. So he beat me. Darn it.

We got to do a service project on saturday with our ward and we went and cleaned up the elementary school before all of the kids went back to school. It was pretty sweet because it was fun to see how school is here and the way the classrooms look.

We had MCM on Saturday and we ate Chicken neck. I couldn’t do it. I honestly couldn’t! I will try and explain it. First off all around it was so fatty. So fatty. Then when you got to the “bone” part…. okay so you know your throat how it is that lumpy kind of hard feeling? Okay well just imagine biting in to that. I couldn’t do it because i felt like i was biting into my own neck. So that was
gross, and probably will never do it again.

We don’t have any investigators on track for a baptismal date still. It’s hard and frustrating, but we are doing what we can to help them! The Javier Family is doing everything besides church. And that is about every other week. You can’t even believe how much I love these people in this area. Lets just say it is going to be pretty tough when transfers come around. If you are wondering about my companion, she is doing great. She loves me again after having to wake up early to play basketball. 🙂 Nah we get along really well. So different, yet so alike.

I am so sorry everyone, this email is probably the worst yet. Definitely not how I wanted to start the new year…….. haha just know that I love  being a missionary. I love the Philippines, I love Tagalog, I know that this church is true, I love seeing it bless people’s lives, I love Jesus, I love our Heavenly Father, and I love His work!

Sister Wood

Teaching the kids

Sister Wood fell in love with these little boys. The one on the right has on an AYSO soccer jersey that is exactly like the one Courtnee had her very first year of soccer (age 5). Her team was the blueberries.

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