"It Is Tall"

Sister Wood and Joylyn. Courtnee loves her

Filipinos are great. The way they talk, what they say, its hilarious! Except….. for some reason they get the word “it” and “you or she” mixed up. I don’t really know why because they are obviously different, but this week multiple times I heard people say “It is tall!” About me of course. Haha I just laughed and walked up to them and said, “yes, I am tall!” Haha then they all giggle and laugh and run away. This week has been the bomb!!  Except right now here in Philippines, many many many people are dying for some reason! Actually the two reasons are, it is really “cold” and some say they just had to make it past the holidays. The traditions here are really different and they have a big marching band in front of the line of cars/people, so we hear them multiple times a day going by our house. There is a long time less active member who also passed away this month, and they have their viewings at their house. Well I thought they only are there for like a day like at home, but his casket has just been sitting at his house for people to see since the first week of january and since there are a lot of people dying they can’t go to the cemetery til the 28th. So he is just at his house for everyone to see! We have actually taught 2 lessons right next to him in their house! Because the others aren’t members! At least he is in a better place. 🙂 I am grateful for the plan of salvation!

So I sent the Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s supposed property here in Laoag. I don’t think there is anything that can get more random than that. I of course questioned it, but this less active lady that lives next door to it is going to court or something against it or something like that. I don’t know. The only thing I know is that ARnold has a tiny piece of property in laoag city in our area. 
Arnold’s piece of land in Laoag!! Random
Haha I have told you about the family that is here from West Jordan… it is the brother of our bishop! They are the cutest family. The girls wear matching clothes, all that good stuff. Well they have been coming to our ward until they can go back to the U.S. and his wife taught our relief society on sunday. Hahaha we loved it so much because we felt like we were back at home! She brought in her mac book to show a video and even had handouts at the end. (picture). Haha this was like the weirdest thing to us and i am sure for all the 4 sisters there! haha. We also got to speak in sacrament as well! My last time in this ward. I spoke on putting on the armor of god. isuot ang baluti ng diyos! All 6 of us missionaries spoke, so i think everyone was sick of listening by the end. Don’t ask why all of us did, it was just what they wanted!
So for the new standard card this year, the first one is 2 new investigator families per month. Here it is really challenging to get a whole family. Even a husband and a wife. Well we have been working really hard this week to find them, and we have had some success! We are currently teaching about 3-4 families/husband and wifes. Teaching is so much better when it is the both of them! There are 3 families in La Paz and 4 of them have baptismal dates, and then 2 more in Lubbot! The work is hastening! And the Lord wants families to have the gospel! Not just individuals! We had an FHE at the Javier’s this week and it was a blast. We did a little spiritual thought and then sang primary songs like popcorn popping and the snowman song. Haha I kid you not everyone LOVED them. The adults too! They were laughing so hard and loved every second. The elders came with us for it so it was just a big party! There were a ton of people there. Investigators/less active! They made us a nice meal and then taught us how to make a filipino dessert. It was such a great night. Everyone was so incredibly happy! There is just something about being together as a family and having a good time. We invited this less active family who lives up there who rarely go to church. They LOVED it. and, were at church the next day. There is so much power in the family. I can’t wait to have family home evening with my family some day! I know that families are ordained of God.I know that Satan has an attack on the families, but I know that we will win the battle if we are doing everything we can to strengthen them and have christ be the center of our homes. 🙂 Brother John Eric should be getting baptized in the next few weeks. That’s a tough one because I am not sure if he is just doing this because he has a crush on me, or if he truly wants the gospel. Even though we establish expectations and stuff. We will just let it be in the Lord’s hands. 🙂 haha. 
I love all of the people I teach. It is going to be pretty hard leaving laoag, in the highly likelyhood of me leaving haha. I have grown to love every person. We find out about transfers on friday or saturday. I have absolutely no idea where i will be transferred! No hints from pres or anything. Besides he told me that he will transfer me somehwere where i will have to walk 10 km a day. i will welcome that with open arms. 🙂 Next week I will let you know if i am going to the european town of vigan or out in the middle of nowhere of cagayan, or somehwere in between. 🙂 
Sister Wood
P.s. So the bird man. We visited them this week and he gave us a bunch of mangos and then goes to me and says sister can i have the picture of your dad hunting for a rememberance? Hahaha so there ya go dad. You have a fan. I will gladly give him a picture of you holding birds. 🙂 
McDonalds delivery!!

Straight Blood – Yes they eat this

Kids in Laoag

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