Glamorous Life In Aparri

The Sisters in Courtnee’s apartment – Sister Richards (on the left) went to Layton High and played soccer with Courtnee on the high school team and now they share an apartment in the Philippines.
Happy February 16th Everyone and 8 months for me! Haha I can’t really believe it, but that’s okay. It has been quite an eventful week it seems like. Sometimes I have to really think about what i should write home about, but then I realize there is so much.
So the update on the creatures in our apartment… For a couple of nights we would wake up to rat poo in the bathroom! It really grossed me out and made me not even want to step foot in there… more than I already didn’t want to! Thankfully that stopped and hasn’t happened for the last few days. So the sticky stuff we have been using to catch mice actually caught one of the geckos… so he has been laying on his back in the sticky stuff for the whole week and is still breathing. Not quite sure what we will do with him. But the dang mice have figured it out, so they just jump over the stuff. Yes I sit and watch them do it. There is this big one that I have to get and I need to go by more powerful stuff hahaha.
This week I randomly got super sick in the middle of the night. So I woke up at 1:44 am and had this stomach ache that was hurting SO BAD!!! I was dying. So I just layed there for a while dying and literally groaning, and then decides I should go to the bathroom. Well then I thought of the rats that could possibly be in there so I didn’t dare. I waited a while and then just though k whatever I am doing it. So I went…. there were no rats thankfully. Then I went back to my room and layed there for a long while just dying and groaning and then I fell asleep. All in all I lost about 3-4 hours of sleep. But when I woke up I was great and have been perfect since! Oh wait other than I think I am allergic to egg plant. I ate a lot of it for the first time, and the next day my throat was messed up and it was all red and it hurt way bad to swallow. I am okay now though! Just no egg plant for me haha.
I got to help some people with english this week. Because for all of them if they want to go abroad and work, they have to have an interview in english with the manager! So I just help them with the basics and pretend I am interviewing them and ask them questions. It is actually pretty fun being the one that knows how to speak the language haha. Its a fun way to do service! This week we also got to help a lady do laundry. These people never want us to help them but finally we got Sister alcantara to let us. We went and pumped water for her and carried it to her house and then we actually washed with her! Needless to say I felt pressured because I don’t know how to wash clothes by hand well, and they needed to be good of course. But no i realized i probably washed a little bit too hard, because my skin is now raw! Okay though, it was a good experience for me haha.
We have a baptism coming up this weekend for Sister Mitch May. She will be getting baptized with her cousins and it is going to be great. We will continue working with her this week and helping her gain a strong testimony.  We have some pretty good investigators right now. One of them is named Ismael and he is in his early 20’s. He has a baptismal date for April 5th and when we extended it, he asked why it was so far ahead, he wanted it sooner! I think it is a good date for him, and it will give him enough time to fully prepare! He has come to church the last two weeks. Speaking of church, we had 6 investigators at church! Such a blessing. Sister Mitch May’s mom even came with her. It would be so great if we could get her baptized as well so that mitch may not only has support from her grandma, but her mom  as well. We are hoping to extend baptism to her this week. The work is going good. I feel like i am learning just as much as we teach these people!
It has been a blast living with Sister Richards haha.  It is fun to talk to someone about BYU and all of the things back home. So between me and her, we should have the update on everything that is goin on in Layton!
And last but not least I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR WHERE YOU ARE GOING STETSON! I was going to say just be patient with your call, but to know it has already been assigned, I mean nevermind haha. I wanted to tell you that my companion waited 1 year to get her call, and there is a kid in this ward that has been waiting 5 months! If you ask me it is a little ridiculous and they should figure something out, but hey they are faithful and really want to serve the lord, so we should be able to wait whatever amount of time! But thanks for the letter loogy! I sent off a sweet surprise for you!
Well, we have interviews with President tomorrow! I feel like we just did, but i guess it has been 3 months! He is a hoot. It will be fun to see familiar faces that we never get to see out here in Cagayan! I am happy. Though this is the hardest thing in the world. I am happy.
Sister Wood’s district

Sister Wood and the local herd

Meat market in Aparri

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