Canadian eh?

Zone Activity – Sister Wood is so competitive! She was NOT happy with bringing home a bronze medal. Heaven help the poor missionaries in her zone that have to play sports with her.  This picture is of the tallest sister 6″0 and the tallest elder 6’9 in the mission

The Aparri Zone – She was so proud of these sweet jerseys – reppin #13 in honor of TSwift.
Canada canada canada… that one definitely never crossed my mind! I am thrilled though. That will be the perfect place for you big baloogy. It only took me 30 minutes to finally get to watch the video, but I died when I heard it. Congrats to you. Your sister is so happy for you. 🙂
Well, we just got back from a zone activity. It was a lot of fun. We did the zone olympics and played sports and a bunch of different games. Man, I just can’t handle games because I am way too competitive! We played all of these games and our district lost every one of them. I was so angry! All of the games we totally should have won too. I mean I know its just all for fun and games, but it really bothered me! We came home with the bronze medal, so that’s what I am wearing right now. Yeah not cool. And it was one of those things where we got these legit legit jerseys, and didn’t even rep them! So it made us look even worse. Haha sorry I am just venting about how we lost and I was mad. Lets just say it is a good thing that zone activities happen only once a transfer 🙂
The weather. I can’t send an email without talking about the weather. This week I figured out the perfect description of the weather right now. So you know when you go up to Causey during the summer time and it is hot during the day, and then at night it is chilly? Well the temperature of that is exactly how it is right now in Aparri. And at night time in our apartment feels like you are in a tent or a trailer with the windows open. Because, none of the windows in our apartment are sealed. They are this weird panel things that is hard to explain, but the wind has been cold the last few nights, so no joke that is exactly what it feels like. I wear socks to bed, use sheet and blanket, wear pajamas, with sweater over it! It is cozy 🙂

We had interviews this week! It went really good. They did it a little bit different though. President met with each companionship instead. Gave us advice and talked about what we should be doing in our areas to improve them. Then we met with each of the AP’s and they each went over with our companionship about a specific principle.hIt was super helpful! I liked it because that day is just spent with the other missionaries, and lots of socializing haha. But we left and went home before the other companionships were done meeting with pres and then they called us back because he said he wasn’t done with us and wanted to have personal ones with us too! It was so great. I was really glad. It is just the best being able to have one on one conversations with president. He is so awesome and inspired! My very favorite thing that was said that day was from Sister Barrientos. Haha she just got back from the USA spending time with her dad. She came into our district meeting and then she got up to leave. She tried to open the door and the door knob was kind of jammed and broken. She finally got it open and she says, “The doorknobs are not like that in the United States….” Hahahaha I just bust up laughing. It was hilarious! Anyways, just random but I loved it. Because I mean there are definitely broken door knobs in the US haha.

The work is going on! We had Mitch May’s baptism this saturday and it was so good. It went so smoothly and was as perfect as it could be! We had her grandma speak at it, and it was the first time that she had every gotten up in front of people. She bore her testimony and you could really feel the spirit. Even though they were little kids, i know they could feel it too. And even though I didn’t understand a word of ilocano she spoke, i could feel it too! She got baptized with her cousins, and it was such a cool thing for her mom Jocelyn who is an investigator. I watched her, and she teared up the whole time. I know that she knows this is what her family needs. We gave her a baptismal date this week, so hopefully she will be entering the waters of baptism like her daughter did on March 22nd. After they were baptized they came in and bore their testimonies. I have never heard a more sweet testimony from little 9 year old Mitch may. She just cried and cried and it made everyone else cry! It was the greatest thing in the world. I love teaching those kids, and am so happy for them. There are so many blessings in store for her and her family.
Mitch May’s baptism


We had exchanges this week and I got to go with Sister Porter. It was a blast!!! And she helped enlighten my mind and understand how tagalog works! YAY LOVE HER. Since she went to BYU we just got to talk about life and whatever. They are starting the family history workshops here in Aparri and Sister Porter told me that the family history center in salt lake is the coolest thing ever. So she is taking me there when we get home. I am excited.

Well, we are moving this week, and there is a lot of work to do! So we will be moving on friday to our new beautiful apartment… pictures to come next week. Can you tell i am excited? haha! There are a lot of people to teach so we really need to dig down and work our butts off! This work is tiring and hard, but it pays off. Thanks for all your love!


Sister Wood

PS sorry for not really finishing my letter last week haha i guess i forgot haha i don’t know what i was thinking.

P.S.S. Funny thing…. This week a man asked me where I was from, I said the USA, he said, oh why aren’t you black like your president? Hahahahaha okay laugh.

Sister Wood pulling water from the well

Washing a pot with a flip flop and sand
Riding on top of the bus!

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  1. Ann Flint says:

    She is a very funny girl. She has a great attitude and through all those conditions…she still has great hair and looks cute. What a great missionary and example. 🙂


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