Seek and ye shall find…. LICE.

Jocelyn’s Baptism
Baptism Day

Yep, it happened. I actually feel really lucky to be 9 months into my mission and telling you all for the first time that I have lice! I am working on getting it out right now. They have this shampoo called lice-a-lis haha that I used and will use again tonight and hopefully that will do the trick. So one of the little girls that is getting baptized this weekend was playing with my hair. I just randomly asked her to check if I had lice. Only because I like the way it feel when they are digging through your hair. 🙂 Haha. She just kept saying ahhh so many sister! Then showed me the bigger lice that they call cuto here. So there are the lice eggs that stick to your hair. Then there are the actual bugs that lay the eggs. I guess they are worse. And she found five or six haha. I was dying. Couldn’t believe I actually had lice. I mean it was bound to happen though. With all of the little kids that cling on me and touch me haha. Don’t worry I went home that night and washed  my sheets and blankets and all that. All the people in the ward were laughing at me for having “cuto” because I guess it is pretty gross haha. Yay for me!

I feel like I haven’t been able to update you on how all the missionary work is going here. So here we gooooooooo!
The baptism this weekend was excellent. Jocelyn was so stinking happy. She shared the greatest little testimony and just kept thanking us for teaching her. Even though I know that it is the Spirit that converts these people, it felt good to know that she appreciated our time and effort in teaching her. We had it combined wit Branch 1, and right before it started all the power went out. It’s okay though, wasn’t going to stop anything! I love watching people be baptized. Sister Jocelyn was emotional before she went down into the font. I am so glad that she felt the Spirit with her at that time!
So right after the baptism, we had to stay at the church for the interviews of the 5 Santiago children. Oh boy. Their mom ended up coming with them, but once they finally got through their shyness, all was well. We were there for a good 4 hours. I went outside and sat and watched basketball with the 3 little girls while we waited and that is what this picture is of. They were doing my hair. Good news though, they all passed! So they will be getting baptized on the 29th. I am so impressed with their testimony and faith. We met them the beginning of this month and they are getting baptized the end of the same month. They come from very humble living. The picture included with the candle is of a lesson we had. At night time, or sometimes anytime, they have no electricity. So we have to teach in just candle light. I remembered my bright head light dad sent me, so that has helped in a few lessons too! One of the younger ones, Edriana got bit by a rat in the middle of the night, so her finger was all bleeding and cut. But there is nothing they can do about it. Because there is no money for medicine. Whenever I can I try and give them some of my stuff, but I am almost out of neosporin type stuff! I just love those kids. Even though they are young, they are just so much happier at church and when we are teaching them. Next week I will tell you about my favorite one though haha. His name is Jayson and he is 8 years old! I am looking forward to their baptism this weekend. 🙂 All we need to do is get their parents to church, and it will be one big happy family.
We are preparing for another baptism on April 5th. Ismael Nanay will hopefully be getting baptized. He is like 22 or 23. He was a previous investigator and had even passed the interview! I think he is ready now though for baptism. He has an interview with President Barrientos on Thursday after our zone conference so we will see if he really is prepared. Also, he needs to quit the little bit of coffee he likes drinking. I gave him one of the Book of Mormon Story books. It has helped him out a lot. He loves reading! I will let you know what all goes down with that! 
Our area has been doing so well. The Lord is blessing us so much. Yesterday we had 10 investigators at church. It was amazing. But with many people at church makes our job even harder. We run around for 3 hours making sure people are where they need to be and taken care of! And in sacrament meeting I sat next to Mitch May, her friend and her cousin. Okay they are 8-9 years old. The boys who sat in front of us were teenagers. They are not members but their parents are. Well throughout all of sacrament they were basically fighting with each other, but I don’t even realize because they are speaking in ilocano. One of the teenage boys was saying he was going to fight the little girls mom, and then Mitch May told me that they were saying masama salita (bad words).  So you can imagine me. haha. I lean over and ask them how old they are. You know that expression in english? Like okay how old are you boys? Yeah doesn’t work in tagalog. They just told me their age haha. So i just told them to grow up in english. Its a good chance they didn’t understand it, but they could tell I wasn’t happy. I made the girls go sit in the front. Gosh, hopefully they all come back next week. 
Well, that’s about all that is happening right now in Aparri, Cagayan! We have zone conference this week. So that will be exciting. Getting to see some peeps! Oh my gosh I forgot to mention that I got all the letters from my team! BAHHH I love you all so much. They made me so happy. I will try and reply to all of them! I miss the game so much! Kicking the ball against the wall every morning just isn’t cutting it for me. Well, I love you all! I think all of my emotions have calmed down for the time being, so I am normal again haha. Thank you everyone for your kindness and support to me. I am so grateful. Love you all.
Ofa Atu!
– Sister Wood

Grilling Fish on some sort of homemade contraption

Sleepy Missionary – This picture actually made me miss Courtnee so much. Anyone that knows her knows that she sleeps with her mouth open. “Catching Flies” as her Dad calls it.
Decorating for a wedding – Made me laugh.
District Leader for a day

Reading by candlelight


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