A Delightful Week

Sister Wood and Sister Schrack at Zone Conference

It has been a delightful week. And I am not just saying that either! First, Conference was so nice. It felt so great to just sit and watch it and absorb everything that was being said. I got to really focus on everything that was being addressed. ONLY because… (bad thing)….only 1 investigator was there and he was not a kid haha. I am so grateful for the Spirit that I got to feel. I know that what we heard was coming from God. My favorite talk was from Elder Craig Zwick. I loved it! SO GOOD! I also loved Elder Cook’s about family history. I am all of a sudden on this family history kick, which is something I should have always been on haha. I know I used to laugh at my dad when he wanted us to do indexing, and i am sorry! It is so important! I started working on my MY FAMILY book this week and during conference. It has been the funnest thing writing about all my family and all the fun memories I have about them. So yeah, I have repented, and can’t wait towork more on family history when I get home. But seriously everyone, get one of those books from the church and it is so simple and easy and fun to fill out! Oh and for Dad and all you Brits, I found wholemeal Digestives here, so that was my snack during the break of conference! 🙂

Sister Wood loves Family History

So this week we were in a lesson with a young RC and her investigator family! Their living circumstances are probably the worst I have ever seen in my mission this far. I crouched down as I walked into their probably 6×6 house made of palm leaves and dirt floor. We were teaching them about the plan of salvation and sadly it wasn’t going as planned. The kids weren’t paying attention and neither was the mom. They kept laughing and we were getting frustrated. The mom was breast feeding her 3 year old son right in front of us during the lesson, and it was just kind of chaotic. Then all of a sudden to add to it all, Sister Bacalla just straight up farts. Like loud. Oh my gosh at that point I just BURST OUT LAUGHING! I couldn’t handle it. But I am thinking that maybe Filipinos are more mature than us americans because they seem to understand that it is a natural thing that our body does, and no one said anything…. except me hahaha! I was dying. Just everything about that lesson… not to mention that the little RC was trying to convince her brother to get baptized just so he could go in the “pool” at the church haha. Lots of work to do there!
There is a less active family called the Alcantara’s. Most their family are members, but they are AVID basketball people. They got offended by our branch president because the branch president said that the only reason they come to church is so that they can use the basketball court for their team to practice. The dad is a “professional” referee here in Aparri and it is just what they live for. There favorite team is the Lakers…  Sister Bacalla has never been able to teach them the whole time she has been here, so I made it my goal to teach this family! They just don’t really care about the gospel anymore, and weren’t even friendlyto us when we i got here. I started talking to them about basketball. Told them I played. Showed them my pictures, Asked who their favorite team was and such… you better believe that they are willing to talk to us all the time now. I know that this is a little thing, but I am so grateful put me in this area so that I could reach out to them with something we have in common! There is still a long ways to go, but I know that all those little things count. Also, the mom is due this month. I told them if they have a girl to name it Courtnee. They don’t know that is my name 🙂 haha. 
Sister Wood’s basketball days
Speaking of my name… some of our investigators found my name when they were looking at my stuff, and now that is what they call me… “sister courtnee!” Oh my it is so weird and so not right! Like I really hate it! Don’t get me wrong, I love my name, but as a missionary you really kind of get in this mind set, and my name is just Sister Wood right now! 
Well, there are no baptisms coming up. We have a lot of finding to do. We need to really improve our pool of investigators. I love finding though, so it will be good. It is our goal to hit standard this week! 
Next week we will know about transfers. I don’t know what will happen with me. It could be either really. I have been here 3 months, my companion 4 1/2, so which ever! Reguardless, there will be change, because they are moving elders into branch 2 and sisters into branch 1. So if i do stay here, i could be in a different area and branch. So we will just see! Also, President Barrientos told us this week that they are opening all areas for sisters now! Like in Santa Ana, Santa Te, all the furthest areas! Shows how much our mission is progressing and how freaking awesome sister missionaries are! So that will change a lot of stuff. I willl let you know though! 
We had a zone activity this morning. It was fun. Played capture the flag and basketball and sharks and minnows. Just felt good to run around for a while. I touched a tree when i was running from someone and immediately got this allergic reaction on my arm and finger. haha it was like uhhh what the heck! But it is gone now. Also, just in the news that I have exchanges with my trainer this week. It is going to be an interesting experience. I might need a few extra prayers hahaha. Wish me luck!
Love you all. 
-Sister Wood
Zone Conference

Handmade Birthday gifts are the best! This one is for Cam, who was in Miller’s area in Guam

This picture made me laugh – perhaps a little unsafe

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