Ano nangyari?

Sister Kuto

Haha so let me just clear the air that I did not break my ankle, it was an April Fools joke! Sorry if people believed it. Haha it makes me happy that people fell for it though. April fools….. so, Sister Richards and I are masterminds… we came up with a prank we could play on the elders next door to us. So before we went to bed, we went up to the top of our apartment building and put 15 packets of food coloring in their water tank hahahaha. Needless to say that the next day they only had pink water. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. And we colored the filipinos rice pink. Good, clean classic fun. Hahaha

April Fools joke on the Elder’s – Putting pink dye in the Elder’s water supply. Only Courtnee would think of doing something like this.

I would think that sneaking out in the middle of the night in your pajamas might just be against the mission rules 🙂

Pink Rice

Anyways, first things first… the baptism we were supposed to have on Saturday… Well no one knew where Ismael was on Friday and most of Saturday… . That was problem number one. But he knew his baptism was Saturday at 5, so we weren’t worried. We knew he would show up. Time started getting closer so we had to do something. We went and found out where he last was, so we went on a hunt for him. To this place called Black City where his friend lives. The name kinda describes it haha. So we got there and we had never been there and we pull up in the tricey and the first people we see are drunk… so we immediately were worried. We found his friend and he said he had already left to his house. So we were happy cause obviously Ismael knew he had to be at his baptism. We went back to the church where we were just going to wait, and called his phone again.  Okay keep in mind that he hadn’t replied to us for 2 days. The call went through and his sister answered and was kind of freaking out. Basically just kept saying that he is drunk he is drunk! We went with one of the RM’s in the ward over to his house and told branch 1 to just start the baptism. Supposedly before we got over to his house he had gone psycho and was violent. His sisters had taken all the little kids in another room. I guess he wigged out because he heard a LA member say that “Oh you are have thing missionaries teach you, but you just get drunk.” When we walked  in he had been crying and was still a bit drunk and his sister and mom were kind of holding him there. Don’t worry he was calmed down, but it was just crazy. Super sad. When we were there he told us he promised to get baptized next saturday, and that he wasn’t ready this week. Haha we looked at each other and are just like uhhh yeah right. He shook our hands before we left and then tried to give me a hug hahaha don’t worry i rejected him bad. Anyways, he was with his friends at a graduation party and drank! So the baptism didn’t happen this week.
I feel like this week was just weird haha. We were walking down along the beach the other day to get to an appointment and we saw this lady squatting on the sand just crying. We of course stopped to see what was wrong. We got talking and ended up teaching her. But we found out that she was in a fight with her boyfriends mom and that she hadn’t slept in 3 days, and that she did drugs the night before, and that she had them in her bag, and she had such a bad head ache so she asked if she could smoke while we taught. We said no. But man, I feel like I can’t even comprehend some of the problems these people have! I am grateful to know that my calling is to only share the gospel with them! Though we all know that the gospel will make everything okay. I think she will be a pretty good investigator though. We just sat on the sand and taught her. Definitely probably a once in a lifetime experience!
There were supposed to be 3 baptisms this month, but with Ismael’s incident and a part member family, but they didn’t come to church this week, so they can’t be baptized. It is hard when we thought that we had for sure baptisms this month, but then just like that we probably won’t have any. 
We got to go to the #WomensMeeting haha broadcast this week! Super sweet. We all loved it. Only the sister missionaries were there watching it though, so that was kind of sad. Wish more of the members would have taken the chance! I loved seeing videos of salt lake and stuff. I can’t wait to watch conference next week! All of the talks in it were pretty dang good. Talking about how we are all sisters. Literally! We are all united. It was really good for me. I know that a lot of you know that I would rather not deal with girls and just hang out with guys, so it was a good thing for me to hear that I need to be more sisterly? I don’t even know if that is a word, but I think you all kind of get what I am trying to say. I can’t think of how to describe it haha. 
We had zone training meeting this week. I wanted to KILL Elder Castillo because he made me be the chorister. Like put me on the program before even telling me. He knows I don’t sing and I don’t do anything related to music. And it was The Spirit of God the longest song ever. He just sat and laughed at me the whole time…  I wasn’t very happy. Sister Rico gave us a training since she is our new STL in our zone. It was good! She even called on her, i repeat, “ex-kasama” to read! That’s me. Haha anyways, that’s when you know the months are going by fast… when you have zone meetings all the time it feels like. 
So, I think that is about all that is happening here in Aparri for the time being! I am happy! I am lucky, and I am so grateful for the gospel! It has a whole new meaning to me. The gospel is life! I love it. 
Also, I think it is my parents anniversary today! Hope you are enjoying it in beautiful europe 🙂 And happy birthday to lyndy argyle wood this week! I love my family! 
Ofa Atu!
Sister Wood
P.S. check out how long my hair is. 

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