Sister Wood and Sister Bacalla and the Marlon Family. Basketball…..who would’ve thought!

Hey hey hey!

Happy Easter for all of those who are at home! I think it is still Easter there. So many of you probably wonder what Easter is like here! Well, it’s nothing! Haha I am not joking. I have probably heard the word Easter maybe 4 times this last week. It is just not celebrated like it is back home. Well they have a catholic holiday that I am not too familiar with that has lasted this whole week and everything shuts down, but that’s about it. Everyone here is remembering our Savior though, so I guess that is all that matters. Our sacrament meeting was really great yesterday and was all about our Savior. The Spirit was strong, my companion spoke and Sister Richards sang. It rocked. As far as Easter bunny type stuff, there is no such thing. I was just showing my companion pictures of my nephews at the easter egg hunt, and she had never seen anything like that in her life! So, we definitely snazz it up at home. Umm…. I was just randomly thinking this week and I thought you would all like to know that there is no real milk here, and no real cheese here. We used this powdered artificial milk stuff and I don’t like it. Sister Richards and I just sit and talk about the taste of a cold glass of real milk and real cheese. Makes our mouth water. Anyways, there is that. The mission gives us calcium pills for the sisters to take, to make sure we get the nutrients, so no worries. 
This week kind of seemed to revolve around the theme of basketball. Which I am cool with. Now I will tell you why! First, a couple of weeks ago, we were at the church waiting for a fellowshipper and were watching the guys play ball. They weren’t the regulars, they were actually tall and big and good. Plus, all of them were wearing REAL nike gear. In case you didn’t know, all of the brands here are fake. But me being me could tell they were wearing the real stuff. Hey, it caught my interest. We had to leave, but we told ourselves we were going to find out who they were, because they obviously had money. Not to mention that one of them was super white, so I was curious what he was. They would be good potential investigators! Plus, we are seeking out the middle class. The next week at the same time they were there playing again, and so I just went up and started talking to them before they started. The more white kid is named Jason Anderson hahaha such a white kid name. He is half filipino half scottish. He is going to the UK next month to visit, so that of course sparked conversation. Plus they all spoke english. One of the first things he said was that he was born again when we went over there, but we weezled our way in and got the whole teams names, where they lived, and their numbers. And yeah, they have money. ONe’s family owns the biggest gas thing here. I sat and talked to them about where they buy their nike gear and stuff and he was wearing the jordan socks i used to wear to practice in high school so i told him that haha. Too bad they were all in the Elder’s area though. It’s okay, we got it done and they are super sweet referrals. Not to mention, we used Brother Alcantara, the basketball fanatic to get some info on them too! Just another way to BRT. 🙂 Second, was friday we had MCM, so we got all ready, like put make up on and stuff to go, and the church is locked. No one is there. Besides some little boys playing basketball. I wasn’t just gonna sit there, so sister richards and I went and played 2 v. 3 against some little boys. In our skirts, all dressed up. We were dripping sweat, it was so disgusting. My shirt was wet and I had to put my hair up. Got a little too intense. But we destroyed them, so that’s all that matters. Second to last event, we finally got a lesson appointment with the Alcantara family (basketball fanatics). Finally agreed for all of them to be there for it as well. It was a miracle quite frankly. BUT, the time they set it was the time we were supposed to have exchanges. We personally thought that this appointment (first and last one with them) was pretty important, so we kindly told the sister training leaders that we will need to reschedule exchanges for another time. I would just like to thank all of you for your prayers because since the Alcantara’s finally said we could teach them, WE DIDN’T HAVE EXCHANGES!!! Hahaha. So, there is nothing to report to you all on how they went! Woohoo!!! I was terribly sad, I wanted that opportunity… Jokes. I was thrilled, but only cause we were going to be able to teach that family! Hehehe. 😉 Now, on to the lesson. I will tell you how it went. Well, I had spent a lot of time preparing something for it related to basketball. I mean because it is the only way they listen and are interested. We came up with the the topic I will follow God’s game plan! I made basketballs with things that are a part of God’s plan and then Fouls that go against his plan! Anyways, I was so pumped to teach this because on the front of each ball or foul was something you would do in a real game. We got to their house and only the mom was there. She is kind of the stingy one that isn’t very welcoming. She told us that the others aren’t home and that they are still at the gym. Not giving us much hope. I texted Marlon, the dad but there was no reply. She told us that ususally if he doesn’t reply he is still busy. I was kind of bugged, but i literally said a prayer in my heart that they would show up. I kid you not, right after, Kurt his son, walks in the door and then Brother Marlon follows in. I was just dying. In shock quite honestly. They had come home right then just for our lesson even though things were still going on at the gym. Such a miracle from Heavenly Father. We taught their whole family together and it was my favorite lesson I have ever taught here in Aparri. All of us were dressed in basketball jerseys because we are on God’s team! It was SO MUCH FUN! We talked about God’s plan and game plans. Everything was related to a ball game, but it worked so well and the Spirit was there! We talked about when we foul or we sin, we can come back. We have another chance to start again! I had brother marlon tell a story of a team that was way behind in a game and came back and won it. We related it all to the gospel and it was just so great, there isn’t any other way to describe it. Not to mention they were sincerely happy! All the little basketalls and fouls we passed out and had them read some how were all the things the individually need. Don’t know how it happened, but not a coincidence.
The “Game Plan” that Sister Wood made to teach the Marlon Family
They love my basketball picture, so I am giving it to them today haha. I am so grateful for Heavenly father’s help with that family. Little bit by little bit, they will come back! So now, back to the sweet basketball player referrals we gave to the elders. They haven’t contacted any yet, but with the transfers that happened, Sister Bacalla and I will now be in their area and will get to contact our own referrals! It is going to be so fun. I can’t wait to start working in that area tomorrow! So I will be in Aparri for at least 6 more weeks! It will be good. I am now in Branch 1 and not Branch 2, so that is the only difference, plus with city area instead! Well, I think that is the low down on this week! Thanks for all your loves and emails and stuff! If you have written me a letter I love you even more, and will hopefully get them soon. No mail has been delivered out here to Cagayan for a while haha. Time is flying by quick and it is freaking me out! I am grateful for this time to really really think about our Savior. I feel like I have come to know him so much more this last little bit. I love him and am so grateful for what he has done for me. Everything really is BECAUSE OF HIM!
Ofa Atu.
– Sister Wood


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