Sister Wood – skyping with the family on Mothers Day!

First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out in the world. We love you. I am so incredibly grateful especially for my mother. As a missionary you begin to truly understand the role of a mother and you start to think back on every little thing that they have done for you in your life. I love moms! I am sorry  for every little pain I put you through and I want you to know that you are my best friend, and I am so happy that I get to celebrate a day just for YOU!

Also, just a little shout out since it is May 12th here, to my brother on his 18th birthday. I know that you miss me, but it’s okay. Soon enough you will realize that I am the best sister in the world….. just wait a little bit longer.. 🙂
Skyping made me so happy. Even though the connection was garbage, it still made me the happiest person ever. My family is the greatest. Haha I am glad that they haven’t changed! My dog is still the cutest thing in the world. 
This week I have really been missing my miller. I don’t know why it kind of really hit me. I think when I got some of his photos from mom last week and printed them out it was difficult. All I can say is I have the most kahanga-hanga (wonderful) best friend in the world! He was honestly glowing!!! His smile? Gosh ask the sisters here I have just been dying over them. It just shows that he was truly happy in Guam cause I could never get him to actually smile in any pictures. I was explaining it to sisters in our apartment this week, but it was as if our spirits were in love? Does that even make sense? I don’t know if it does, but to me it does. I don’t know who to write anymore! There is so much I want to tell to someone, but now I don’t have anyone to write it all too. :/ Let me know if you want me to write to you haha. 🙂 
Miller is never far away
We have found and contacted lots of referrals/investigators this week! The investigators are super solid and we should have baptisms at the first of June. There was a referral for us from a missionary in Manila mission and it was his grandma and his extended family. We of course gladly went and taught them. They aren’t as open as we would hope, but we are not going to give up on them. I just put myself in his shoes and I would be terribly sad if the missionaries were to give up on my family! They will come along. 🙂 We were going to have a rescue baptism at the end of this month from the Bo, less active family, but they didn’t come to church so we aren’t sure if it will still happen.
We were on our way home the other night from an appointment and we turned the corner of the street and there sat a 12 year old and a 10 year old smoking cigarettes. I was so angry. We immediately stopped and asked them what they were doing. They hurry and threw them in the street. I was so appalled by it. It makes me so sad to think that these little tiny kids who haven’t even hit puberty yet are smoking. I can’t even imagine what it is doing to their bodies. When we were about to walk away a young basketball team comes walking down the street. All smoking too. I asked if they won their game and they said no. I said i know why! Because you are smoking cigarettes. They just giggled then walked away. 
Lots of people around me here hit their year mark this week! Holy smokes. It was crazy, because the next batch to hit a year will be mine! Next month… Time is just a ticking a long.
My companion is really sick right now. We spent the whole day at home yesterday. She thinks she has tonsillitis or whatever. Not really sure. She has a bad fever and can hardly talk. Filipinos are frustrating when they are sick because they hate medicine. Like for us its just like pop some pills and call it good. Well, they have to make a full blown meal before taking medicine, so they don’t have an empty stomach haha. Its just really different and funny haha. All that matters is that I don’t get anything horrific like her haha. None of us have been feeling too hot, but I am taking airborne and my vitamins. 🙂 Haha its so funny because the big sickness here is  A fever. But it doesn’t make sense to us americans because we are CONSTANTLY hot. So when they feel us, they automatially say we have a fever. But in our minds we are like no, it is just 100 degrees here haha. 
Well, I think that is all! Life is going great! I’m enjoying it! LOVE YOU ALL LOTS. 🙂 
Sister Kahoy. (wood)
P.S. Mahaba ang hair ko. 
Sister Wood doing her laundry – this picture just tugs at my hearstrings!


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