Sister Wood with her district

HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE, HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE,  HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE, WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME? I JUST HAD A WEEK, NOT AN ORDINARY WEEK, A WEEK FILLED WITH FUNNY NA FUNNY THINGS. I got that off of Spongebob. But changed the words. It really talks about jelly fish jelly on crabby patties.. Anyways… On to Missionary Work!!!!

I first have to tell you all about our Sleek’s. Or our tailored fit skinny jeans we are having made. We walk into the run down store that is legendary. Walk up to the shirtless guy who makes all the pants and ask if he can make us skinny jeans! He looks at sister copeland and nods his head then looks and me and says he can’t make them for me. I saw WHAT WHY? He said I don’t have fabric long enough for your heighth! Oh my gosh I was so mad! He told me that he could make pants out of mens slacks material but not jeans. I wasn’t happy, but then I got him to at least make me capri pants or something. I picked out my fabric and it just happened that the fabric I chose was LONG ENOUGH FOR ME! I knew it was meant to be. so the guy started getting our measurements…. keep in mind that usually only men or elders come into this store to get stuff… as the guy was measuring us, in walks the zone leaders Elder Castillo and Elder Williams… haha they couldn’t believe we were there. It was the funniest thing. Elder Castillo is just jealous that we thought of the good idea before him… he said he is going to get some now too! By the way shout out to his parents. He says hi! So our sleeks will be done next week and they cost me 1000 pesos. Or… $23 for a pair of 2 tailor fit jeans. I will take it! If they are sweet, I am going to get some in every color. Sorry Dad. 🙂 
Leave it to Courtnee to find the one place in the Philippines that makes custom jeans
Next story… during personal study this week I had a weird itch on my head. I itched it, and right then I saw a bug on my scriptures. I didn’t know if it came from my head or what, but i immediately had my companion check my head… Well…. lice has found its way back into my hair. At that point I was disgusted. So, the first time I got it, it was kind of like oh haha, I have lice… just the Philippines experience, right?  But this time… no. I stopped studying and went and washed my hair with lice shampoo and started washing all my things… I have been combing my hair nonstop so hopefully they are leaving. UGH! The people say that there are more now cause of how hot it is. They tell me to use an umbrella, but I don’t want to. Too much of a pain. Our whole apartment has it haha… So not only lice, but we were in a lesson this week and i was sitting on the ground all of a sudden something wet like a drip drops on my leg and a weird substance. I just moved over and didn’t think anything of it, and everyone in the family started laughing because I guess it was lizard poo and pee! AHHHH I covered my legs in alcohol. 
The little kids like to braid her hair. She think this might be the reason she got lice again. Bless her heart! I hope she gets rid of it before she gets home. We are all itchy just reading this.
Haha next funny thing.. we were in our furthest area from our apartment and it was getting dark. Randomly a big truck full of watermelons pulls up and I of course want to buy some. Haha we spent all the remaining money we had to buy these 2 big watermelons. Like we had nothing else in our bags. Haha so my companion and I walked with these giant watermelons all the way back to our apartment. Sister bacalla was DYING! It was the funniest thing ever. It was way hard, but we had no pamasahe or fare for tricey so we had to! Hahaha
Sister Wood loooooves watermelon!! Her poor little tiny companion had to haul these back to their apartment. (kind of makes me laugh)
Now about the work. It has been going so awesome in our area. Its improving so much! We have been working hard, but Heavenly father is blessing us so much! We hit standard again on lessons, so we are being able to teach a lot! We are teaching a family of all boys.. The A.  family… thats the picture of the family. THEY ARE SO HILARIOUS!!! And just reassure that I want all boys in the future. 🙂 But they are coming to church, and their mom is a saint. She is the one that washes my clothes. We are having a Family home evening at their house this week and we will extend baptism to them!
Sadly, we offended family this week. The family of a recent convert. His wife’s family had been less active and we didn’t even know. But every since we found out, we have been going and teaching them. One day they were gambling, so of course we decided to teach them about the churches stand on it. Well, the next day we go back and the nanay is doing it again. So we left a note to her, cause she had dropped her card and ran when she saw us coming. We late found out that they were really offended by the whole thing and that they were sad that we had taught them about gambling. To make a long story short though, we cleared it up, told them our intentions, and they were at church. So it is all good now!
We will be having a couple of rescue baptism at the first of june! Lots of good happening in Aparri 1a!
We are having interviews next monday the 26th, so that means that our P-day will be on a tuesday. So don’t fret when there is no email on monday! 🙂 It is so crazy that we are already having interviews again! 
Oh, and one of our neighbors built this basketball hoop right outside our apartment.
I think that’s a wrap! Good luck with all of the fun things coming up as the school year comes to a close! By the way, my brother is freaking handsome…. whoever the girl is… she is lucky. 😉 Haha. LOVE YOU!
– Sister Wood
PS: I turned 11 months old today. 🙂
Sister Wood with her landlord – She loves him

Sister Wood’s journal with all her vitamins – Thanks DoTerra

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