O Mega Week

Baptism Day!

Jeffrey P.
Elder Castillo – In every area Courtnee has had one Elder that she just gets along with so well and that understands her sense of humor. In Aparri that Elder has been Elder Castillo. She expressed in her last email home that she was really sad that Elder Castillo got transferred.

I will just start out apologizing for the length of this email. I know it is not very long, but there just wasn’t a lot of crazy stuff going on! I will start with transfers. So I am staying here in Aparri another transfer and getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Ramos. She is a tiny little filipino sister. Which is funny because she has now been with the tallest sisters in the mission! She’s lucky. 🙂 haha. It will be good to have some change even though it will probably only be for 1 transfer. So here goes another 6 weeks in Aparri which will make it 6 months!
We had exchanges this week. I worked with Sister Villareal here in Aparri. GUESS WHAT! Guess how many lessons we taught? We taught 13 lessons in 1 day! Oh my it was so great. Yeah we worked way hard, but i have never got that my whole mission! I can’t wait to keep doing that. There really should be no excuse for all of us in this mission to hit standard weekly! That’s my goal the rest of my mission. Oh yeah, I will be a senior companion now. I am excited.
We had the baptism of Jeffrey P. on Saturday. He got there an hour late, and the branch president was climbing the walls. But it was cause he got in from fishing and then had no pamasahe to get there, so he had to walk. And it is pretty far. He showed up wearing jeans and a Derron Williams Brooklyn jerseys, and I couldn’t help but laugh. We couldn’t say anything because he really has absolutely nothing. It ended up being a good service. Besides the little kid who he got baptized with making comments about his tattoos and how we aren’t supposed to have them haha.He was so happy though. He came on sunday wearing a white shirt and tie i think that a member gave him. We have 2 more rescue baptisms next week. A rescue baptism is when you baptize someone in a less active family that is over the age of 8. The girl is named Judy Ann (9) and Cedrick (10). Cedrick is thee cutest boy in the world. I can’t wait to send pictures! In his interview on Saturday, Elder Felices asked him why he wants to be baptized. He responded, “dahil gusto ko pong maging elder.” (because i want to be an elder). Okay I know this kid is young, but he is the best investigator we have ever had haha. It will be a busy week getting them ready for it.
Really, I think that is all the news I have for you this week. Hmmm I am trying to think. Oh I know I have been in the Philippines a long time, because the other night I dreamed that cockroaches were all over me. Ewww I even woke up because of it. They have these giant black crickets here too. According to my companion they bite. But who knows. It is still blazing hot here. I have been actually using my sun screen. And every one says I am not itim (black). Haha. I know it is true because the amount of freckles that are popping up all over me.
So, the jeans we ordered. Okay we are not happy about it. They already extended it a week longer, but we went back today and they said they haven’t even started! I am just going to be patient and not freak out. Its okay it is okay.
Oh yeah I forgot! Next week we get to go to Laoag! Elder Ardern is coming on the mission tour and speaking to us! I AM SO EXCITED! I think that is on the 10th or the 11th, so our P-days could be a little messed up again. I am not sure. It should still be monday though. It’ll be nice to go back to my city again. 🙂
I think that is all for now! I am still in the Philippines. Still in Aparri. Still on the other side of the world! Still wearing rubber shoes that are duct taped! Still speaking in a different language. But still really really happy! I feel like i am kind of running out of things to say about this place, so if you have any questions, just shoot me an email. 🙂 Haha.
Sister Wood
P.S. They have this stuff here called Omega. It is like an Icy Hot but more lotion/liquid stuff. It is so cheap, and I just buy it and rub it all over me then go to bed. Every night. Hahahaha I love it. That’s all. BYE. 🙂
Jeffrey P’s siblings

An old Tatay (man) preparing his hooks for fishing. Sister Wood said, ” I just want to give them some Power Bait and see what they think of it”.

Fishing Hooks

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