Hey Courtnee!!

Sister Wood
“Y” Cucumber

Hey everyone. What’s up?

I have a new companion!!! I will start with that. Sister Ramos. She is so cool. We get along so good. We can talk about anything and everything. Like she is one I can sit and talk to about clothes or make-up or dates or boys or seriously, WHATEVER. She is super good in English, and I kind of basically count her as American. Plus she is gorgeous and has the longest hair ever. I am loving life right now. I am actually sad that we may only be together for 1 transfer. Her grandpa is a US citizen and she has family there. She still knows how to do all the cool things here though like washing squid! She taught me how to fully clean squid this morning. We were walking home from going to the market and there was this old lady carrying a giant bowl of fresh squid on her head, so we stopped her and bought some. I am just learning some sweet skills i am tellin ya.
Sister Ramos – Sister Wood’s new companion
So our jeans. We went this morning to get them and they said to come after lunch and pick them up. So we are going there after this. I did see them though. They are so nice! I am going to wear them forever. Haha besides I hold up Sister Copeland’s pair and they had sewn on a big Levi Strauss thing (like their jeans have) on the back of it. I just started laughing and said noooo take that off! We don’t want that haha! Levi is super fancy here, so yeah they are just ripping off Levi and putting it on their jeans haha. I will send pictures next week of them! 
There was this big old deal here in Aparri this week. I guess a small cruise ship docked here along the ocean/river. Oh my gosh you would have thought Barrack Obama was coming to visit or something haha. They lined the beaches with torches and stuff. During the day we actually saw some of the tourists and they were white, so of course I was interested. I don’t think they were american. It was coming from canada is what they were saying. Who knows. Basta, I totally thought it was something to do with the Survivor thing, but then that happened forever ago, so i didn’t know. We were at the river that night and all the kids kept shouting the americans are coming! And then I walked over and really an american WAS coming, but it wasn’t who they were wanting haha. Just to show you how big of a deal they made it, the city lit huge fireworks at the end of the night when they were leaving. Which that never happens here because it is expensive. I think they were just really happy that they decided to stop at this little tiny place. When we were walking home that night the rich Petron man drove by and i waved at him. He was caught off guard. But did a small smile back. No we haven’t taught them yet. Their gates are really high with a giant dog. I thought of something to do. I wrote a really nice note and decorated it with my stickers. Telling them we want to share a message with their family about Jesus Christ and stuff. It looked fancy. And then I slipped it under their gate and told them to text us when we can visit. Haha. It makes me laugh because some of the things I do here, I would NEVER do at home. Haha I was meant to be in the Philippines. 🙂 
Even thought we did’t get to work for 2 days this week, we still hit over standard. 🙂 We did lots of finding this week and found lots of lost less active people. Families that have been sealed in the temple, but haven’t gone back to church because they were offended. We are going to do everything to help them get back! I can’t wait for a whole real week. We will be on fire. This week won’t be normal because we…. GO TO LAOAG ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY! I am only a little bit excited. KIDDING. I can’t wait. We feel like we are going on vacation. It will be a good conference. Not only the conference, but since we are goig to laoag, we have the chance that we might get mail! Pay attention to how I said the word MIGHT. Haha we are all at a time in our mission where mail and things is just a might. But just the thought of a might is better than nothing! But if you have written me, I love you.
We also had those 2 baptisms this week! It was a really good program even though it started an hour late again. The primary did most of it, which was suitable. We are getting the branch more involved in planning the baptisms. It is much better. Judy Anne and Cedrick are so cute. They were so happy. I want to be like them! We are now helping Noriel prepare for baptism which will be at the first of July. Just gotta get him to CHURCH! Church is important. I know that our area is going to start blowing up with success. 2 of our AP’s went home this last transfer and it is so weird. All of the people that we feel like have been here with us are starting to go home! 
I forgot to tell you something at interviews.. so president was scrambling trying to find the airconditioner remote and he rushes passed me and goes, “HEY COURTNEE!” Then stops and says, “WAIT NO I MEAN SISTER WOOD!” Hahaha I laughed so hard. I miss my name.
Sister Wood
I also have a zen garden that is supposed to relax me. Sometimes I use the mini rake and try and cover the rocks in the sand. 
Sister Wood’s Zen Garden – (the randomness continues)

Sister Wood’s homie – Elder Castillo

Cute Cedrick

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