It’s More Fun With The Filipinos!

Sister Brewer (my BFF) and Sister Wood together again (at least for a day)

I can’t even describe how happy I was to email today! BAHHHH so much fun stuff going on I  can’t handle it. Stuff at home, and stuff in the mission! How are you all? I am doing so great. I am super happy.

First though, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I miss my dad. And I hope you all got to see the card I sent him. I have been working on that for a couple months now. Trying to get the star fish and dry them out and such. I am grateful that customs didn’t take them though. 🙂 I love you dad and am so grateful for you and all you do for me! 
Just a little bit of a pointless update on the jeans we had made…. They are amazing. So cute. i forgot to take a photo of them. We might go back and get more. I also had a lady make me a skirt like the school uniforms they have here. Then, on our way home last week from P-day I just asked my companion if we could go into this dress store to see how much it would cost for what I wanted. It was meant to be because this lady is making me the dress I want for p1800 which I got told by another dress lady it would cost p5000. Mostly because I am a “servant of God.” Pictures to come at the end of the month.
Biggest news of the week is our mini vacation to LAOAG! I can’t even tell you how fun it was. The bus ride is 6 hours long. It was just a long time to chat and talk to all the missionaries. The first day we got there we had lots of extra time, so I got to go visit the recent converts and less active families in my old area! Oh it was so happy. I was loving it. Then we got to go to McDonald’s and we ate with all the Filipino elders. Okay i will be honest, i haven’t got to know the filipino elders in our mission very much. But on our trip to Laoag we did, and it was the best. THEY ARE SO FUNNY! They are so fun! I am so dumb that I never made the effort. Being out here in Cagayan though, most of them are filipino haha. It was the best. They are so cool. Okay enough about them. We got to see almost everyone in our mission too. I mean it just didn’t get much better. Sister Willson and I were screaming. It has been too long. Except I didn’t see my child Sister Fuchs. she is still in vigan with air con. The conference was really good and way chill. I had a cough attack in the middle of it and had to leave, but Elder ardern said some good stuff. He talked a lot about marriage and did make a good point! Said that there are a lot of women who go unmarried in this life, and he thinks that the Priesthood holders will be made held accountable for it at judgement. Just talking about how guys don’t take girls on dates. True true true! They fed us fancy food after, and then I was surprised with a lot of mail! WOO WOO WOO! I was thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you Kathleen Davis for that necklace. It is absolutely adorable. If you wrote me, expect mail heading your way! 
We still taught a lot of lessons this week even though we missed 2 full days. Brother Noriel is the 21 year old we are getting read for baptism in July. We visited him this last weekend. They are planning their things to be married on the 28th. We went over there and they told us they had all their papers done! Of course we are happy. His girlfriend is a member. Then she said that she has something to tell us… She told us that she was baptized in the catholic church earlier that day. We asked uhhh why? She said because that is the only way that they will let her be married in the Mass wedding! She said she was basically forced and there were other people in her same situation. Sister Ramos and I just kind of looked at each other and had no idea what to say hahaha! So she got baptized in the catholic church so that she could be married at the end of the month. We told her that we don’t really know what we can say about that, so she will have to talk to the branch president. The thing is is she told them she wasn’t going to go to church there and that she was a mormon. It is just a really weird situation. They talked with the branch president and stuff on sunday, so it should be all worked out. The biggest issue is that they haven’t told their parents about any of it. Meaning about getting married and stuff, and in the Philippines there is a law that you have to have parents permission if you are under age 23. So that was the biggest concern of the church leaders. It will work out though! 🙂 They are so solid. We have a lot of finding to do. We have been focusing so much on all the recent converts and so we don’t have as many investigators as we should. It is all coming together though!
Well, that is all for now. My Baloogy leaves this week, and I turn 1 year. It is going to be really weird.. I can’t really believe it. But as for Stetson. You better email me every week, and set aside time to write me on every p-day. Even if it is just short. Because that is what I will be doing! Even if you say you don’t have time, make time. 🙂 Cause you won’t be washing your laundry by hand. Hahaha. Next time I email you be an elder! Don’t forget to open your letter after you are set apart. Just get passed the drop off at the MTC and life will be great. That is my only advice to you. 🙂 Haha. I love you. 
I am just super high on life right now. I am so happy about all the things that are happening at home and so happy for all the good and miracles happening in my mission. The Lord is blessing me so much! Hope you all have a fabulous week. Throw and party for me on Thursday! 😉 Haha. I can’t believe how much you can change in just 1 year. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU ALL.
Sister Kahoy (Wood)
Lots of pictures from the mission conference in Laoag:


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