In this photo I am helping cut homemade noodles. It is for one of my favorite soups. Miki.

My proselyting shoes. I wash them every night…..

Happy P-Day everyone! Does everyone at home love p-days as much as missionaries do? Haha alrighty. It has been an awesome week. Super duper tiring, but super awesome. We have worked our sister missionary bums off this week. I love the feeling of hard work, and I know Heavenly Father loves it too. Cause he is blessing us. We taught 50 lessons this week which is something I have never done on my mission. Probably with the help of my brother joining the missionary force, that blessing was made possible! 🙂 Obviously with that many lessons came a lot more new investigators AND baptismal dates. Our finding though was unique this week. So in the mission, the couple missionaries here have been working on lists of the names of members. The records here in the Philippines are really messed up, so a lot of people are kind of unknown. Meaning they don’t know where they live. So they have given us lists and lists of all the people that are in our areas that are basically lost. Most of them are less active. So we have been using these lists everywhere we go. That is how we found most of the people! So many part member families. But most importantly, families that we need to help bring back into the church! These things are amazing and seriously the best finding tool. The Lord put so many people in our path I can’t even explain to you.  
There is a less active family that we have been teaching and now they are returning. It has been hard because they own a store at the market and so the reason they wouldn’t go is because they always had to have someone at the stand. Well the last month, the entire family has been at church every week. Yesterday their daughter told us that her mama and papa are super happy because the last few weeks all of their eggs have been sold way early in the week. They recognized it as a blessing from Heavenly Father because they have been going to church. I love the less active people that we are helping be active! 🙂 One of the other less active families we teach is having a hard time going to church. We always wondered why only person out of the couple would only come. Either nanay or tatay. Never both. Well, one of the reasons some of the people don’t go to church here is because if they leave their house, someone might still their pig. Ahhh I have the hardest time accepting these reasons. I guess I have never thought about it and we have NEVER had to deal with that at home. Like dad’s ducks are always there when we get home from church. The turtle runs away, and we still get it back. The cows are left in the middle of nowhere and they are just still there all the time! So for this family not all of them can go to church in fear that their pig will be stolen… yeah. haha.
So this weekend we had a District conference again. It was pretty random, but Elder Cook did a broadcast conference to all the Stakes in the northern Philippines. It was pretty sweet to listen. We had 6 investigators there! The missionaries kind of have to set everything up at the place. For example, no one had set up any chairs in overflow, and good thing i remembered, so all the missionaries went and set them up! But as we were putting down chairs, and giant spider ( make a circle with your thumbs and middle finger) that big that was on the chair. It started running and starting going between the benches where people were sitting. Without screaming we all had to try and catch it. Of course I DIDN’T, but our zone leader grabbed it and chucked it outside haha. There is never a dull moment here i am telling you haha. So the one investigator that was supposed to be being baptized soon didn’t come to church again this week. We got a funny text from them this week though. The text said “Sino po si Jeffrey R. Holland?” Who is Jeffrey R. Holland. Of course we reply, he is an apostle! Hahah they replied, He just texted us. We just started laughing hahaha like okay. Well, a member had just sent them a quote from him and it had his name at the bottom. They were certain that Jeffrey R. Holland had texted them. We had to clear that one up haha.

As for the Philippines, it is actually super hot. I shouldn’t have said it is cooling down. We all have heat rashes. It isn’t a big deal though.Something I also wanted to tell you they eat here. So mayonnaise to them is like peanut butter. I am not joking. That is what they eat on bread! Haha I told myself I would never eat it, but I guess I am becoming filipino. The best thing though is that Mercury drug store got a big order  of Frosted flakes in. They are smaller boxes, but I think I have almost bought them all. I have cereal in a cup all the time. Like it is my favorite. I refuse to ruin my frosted flakes with that gross powdered milk. So I just eat it dry. I am learning how to cook good food though since my companion is way good. 
I had a super awesome dream last night. So my mission was really supposed to be in London, england, but tagalog speaking. Maybe it means that there is someone in London that I am destined to meet and have to speak tagalog too, and help them join the church… (hint hint dad, i should probably go there). Hahah alright, I am going crazy. 
Shout out to my favorite brother. I wrote you today. 
Sister Wood
Look at this darling little face!


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