In & Out . Peace Out Aparri

Saying Goodbye to Aparri

Farewell Aparri

It’s that time again! And I will start with the biggest news of the week! I am getting transferred. I have mixed feelings about it. They did transfers different this time. Yesterday, all the people who were transferring got a text saying if they were transferring. Then they said, check your email tomorrow and see where you are going and who your companion will be. It was the worst because it just left us hanging! I was super sad like I said I would be because I didn’t want to leave. Just with all of the good people we have right now. But we woke up and checked our email at 8 am and I found out that I am transferring to San Nicholas! Which is basically Laoag! Hahaha. I AM SO EXCITED I WAS SCREAMING! Like I am sad to leave, but I clearly remember saying ahhh I just want to go to San Nicholas! And that is where I am going. So it is the town across the bridge from Laoag, and it is where the biggest mall is in our mission. Haha I mean the only mall in our mission. I am thrilled because I have heard that it is a challenging area, but awesome at the same time. It is a stake there. So I will have served in both of the only stakes in our mission! It is going to be sweet. My companion is a Filipina that I heard is tiny and 25 years old, but I will be the senior companion. It is going to be a good time. Plus Elder Castillo will be my zone leader again! We leave here at 3:30 am tomorrow morning. Honestly I am more excited than anything! The sister that is replacing me couldn’t have been any better! She is a lot like me, so she will fit right in with our investigators and the way we taught them. I am so happy about it, because i was worried. I know this area in Aparri will continue to progress.

Time continues to fly right before our eyes, and it is hard to believe. We all know that is has been 4 months now since my Miller passed away. He has been on my mind a lot. As hard as it has been, I am so grateful that I am serving a mission when it all happened. I have reflected on everything, and God’s plan for all of us has become such a reality. The atonement, the plan of salvation. But more specifically, his plan for each of us. Not only our own personal plan, but he cares about how you feel when something happens to one you love? Does this make sense? I don’t know. But here are my thoughts. That Heavenly Father knew how close Miller and I were. So he put people into my life that could make me feel close to him even thought he’s not here on earth with us anymore. Okay it’s a pretty complicated thing, but all I know is that God is aware of me, and aware of my feelings, so he did what he could to somewhat ease the pain. And oh my heavens I can’t wait for the day that we are together again. As a missionary (maybe this is just me), when I think of the reunion with my family again it just gives me this rush of joy and excitement. That reunion will be in several months. But I feel the same way about  seeing miller again! That same rush of excitement is the exact same. Because I know it will happen! It could be a longer wait, but I just can’t wait for the day. I miss that boy so much. 
Alright, well it kind of feels weird updating you on our area, because I will be leaving it tomorrow! I will just tell you though that the barkada of boys is doing good. We knew at first that there would be some that progress faster than others, and that is what we have been seeing now. Only 2 of them came to church on sunday, but these 2 we know will be baptized on their date. We had some amazing lessons with them all this week. I love when they feel the Spirit. Even though not all of them came to church, most all of them are reading the book of mormon every night. I gave them all a colored pencil to use to mark their scripture and I was loving watching them mark their scriptures as we read them in the lesson. I am going to miss them! 
Well, I think that is all the update I have for you. Can you believe it has been 6 months since I have been in Aparri? That i have been emailing you all from the same computer shop in the middle of Cagayan for 6 months now? Haha I can’t. Lets just say that enough time has gone by for this little shop to get air conditioning. 
Love you all lots.
Sister Wood
PS: The one photo is me drinking buko juice. Or coconut water. So delicious.
Drinking Buko Juice (Coconut Water)
Fancy lunch – Elder Hickey

Making a roof

Hands from catching crabs everyday

Filipino Cows

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