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The Filipino Sister’s in Courtnee’s apartment

I have been really excited to write you all at home about my week! So we had transfers on Tuesday. So yeah, that means I am in San Nicolas right now! It is about 10 minutes away from the mission home. Sweet right? It was sad to leave Aparri, but it was time. Now I am here, and I get to tell you all about this new place!

First off, my companion is named Sister Servancia. She is 26 years old. She is from Cavite. Kinda close to Manila. She is only 6 months in her mission, so I am senior companion. She is really nice! It is just weird when I stop and think that my companion is older than my sister who has 2 children. But it’s chill! No biggie haha. So far, we have gotten along just fine! 🙂 I have really needed her help getting to know the area. Oh, and she is 4’8………..
I just want to say that this area could not be any more opposite than it was in Aparri. In EVERY possible way haha. Our specific area is far away from our apartment. We can’t walk there, we always have to ride. It is very jungley, but at the same time very farmy. There is some bukid of rice fields, but it’s more actual farm land like at home! With corn and cows, and goats and stuff. There are so many trees, the air is so fresh, and it is very very clean! They actually have a lot that they enforce on littering, so it is way nice. Our area was in fine shape when I got here. There has been so many baptisms in this area, but once again just like aparri, they have not been retaught any of the lessons. I opened the area book and counted the amount (27 recent converts) and just laughed. Of course president would send me to another place with a zillion recent converts haha. And once again, that will be our main focus the rest of this transfer! I was really surprised because there has been tons of baptisms in this area, but if you look in the investigator section of the area book there was only 3 investigators! Haha I didn’t really know how that worked, but we need to do a lot of finding! We are going to be working really hard and teaching more lessons. It is going to be lots of work. Holy smokes. But we aren’t backing down. 🙂 Along with the work in the area, we have a lot of work to do as missionaries in this ward to help strengthen it. Our Ward mission leader is 19years old and is so awesome. Best WML i have had my whole mission. With the help of him we gotta help the leaders in the ward more fulfill their callings so it will function better. We have Elder Challis and Elder Sablan in our ward with us. They are pretty legit and awesome missionaries, so they are good at taking control of things. I had to bear my testimony in sacrament. Haha I was so nervous! I don’t know why. It still scares me to do. Only cause it is in a different language. Hopefully I didn’t mess up. 
So I will rewind to transfer day when we pulled up to our apartment. We were taking all of my stuff in and there were only 2 other Filipino sisters there. I asked who else was staying here and they said just us! So yes. I am living with all filipinos! Haha for some reason I never even thought that I would be doing this. It has been quite the adventure to tell you the truth! You would think that being on your mission over a year that you would be used to the culture and customs. Yeah, NO. I was like so uncomfortable that first day. I didn’t know what to do with myself haha. First off, there is no english spoken in the apartment unless i forget and start saying stuff to them in english. They really don’t know how to speak english, so it is really hard to just have a chill conversation haha. All I am going to say is I should have the language MASTERED after this transfer! 🙂 It has been hard for me not being able to express myself in the apartment in english, but in the end I know it will be a blessing haha. So a lot of time on your mission you hear that a lot of arguments between missionaries is over food. Haha it sounds really lame, but I can now see why that is! Lets just say I STARVED all week. There was nothing for me to eat. They only eat fried eggs and hot dogs with rice every morning for breakfast and there wasn’t even any oatmeal or cereal in the apartment! I ended us just boiling some eggs and eating them plain for breakfast haha. Rice is an every meal thing here, and it is a must for them. It’s okay I just don’t eat it haha. The only thing that really irked me was I was so excited to shop at a supermarket!!! Since we have the nicest one here. Yeah that was the wrong idea because they want to shop at the market. Like the one in Aparri. (every town has them). Because it is more cheap. AHHHHH so you better believe we went to the palengke this morning and got our veggies and rice and eggs haha.They wanted to get our meat there too and that is where I put my foot down and said no, we are getting it from a real store where it is clean haha. Along with that, I was so excited to finally have fillet chicken because it doesn’t have bones! I hate eating meat with bones! Haha they don’t want it because is too expensive. They just buy a whole chicken and cut it up themselves! I will just live with it haha. I discovered that i couldn’t brush my teeth with the sink water this week because I woke up every morning with a stomach ache even if I don’t even swallow it! Can’t do that anymore. 
I am the only american sister in our district! Hahaha our district is so brown. 🙂 Lots of polys and filipinos. It is super weird. I feel out of place. And I am only  1/3 of the sisters in our whole zone. Haha i thought it would be like this in cagayan, not in san nicolas! It’s cool though. Leads me to my next thing… We have the coolest zone in the entire word. OH MY GOSH! Thursdays are the best. These are just a few of the people in our zone…. Elder Castillo, Elder Van Brunt, Elder Thurman, Sister Shrack, Sister Webb, Sister Bacalla, Elder Challis, Elder Sablan.. Haha it is SO HAPPY! 
Well, I am out of time. I think that is good enough for now. I have a lot to get used to, but it is just going to help me become a better person and missionary. Have an amazing week. 🙂 
Sister Wood
Sister Wood’s new area

The dress shop in Aparri

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