A Lot Of Little Things!!

Sister Shrack and Sister Wood
Rainy season!!

Alrighty everyone, so lots of little things happened this week that are pretty worth telling, so just bear with me here okay?

First off, last monday was a really good day. Do you remember me talking about Elder Naulu? Well, he is Miller’s cousin. I hadn’t seen him since we heard about Miller’s passing and last week in Laoag I saw him. Oh my heavens everyone, Alright, so he is as close to looking like Miller as anyone could be. His body, build, his face, smile, voice, just EVERYTHING! His slight australian accent. It was rough. But at the same time I needed to talk to him about it all, and it was awesome. He is a stud of a missionary! WE BOTH LOVE AND MISS YOU MILLER. 🙂
Next, it has been super stormy this week. There had to have been a typhoon because the rain was crazy! So loud. The outside of our house as you can see was flooded. Colder weather makes for great sleeping at night though! Except for when you are me and your bed happens to be right under where there is a big leak in the ceiling! My bed was wet. And I wasn’t happy haha. But you see how small our room is, there is no other way to arrange the beds! Just gotta deal with it and put a bowl there for it to drip into. And just so you are all aware, i lost my amazing red 72 hour kit during transfers. I think what happened is that one of the elders didn’t put it on the bus, so it was left. I was way sad about it because i was completely prepared. And as of right now if something were to happen I would be dead meat cause i have nothing. I gotta put something together today thought because president and sister will be checking them at interviews on the 20th. 
We had ZTM this week and it was so good. I love Zone Meetings so much. The trainings were solid, but Elder Castillo gave a good training on pushing it harder than ever the last seconds of the game. Most of our zone is old in the mission and going home this year, so it was perfect and what we all needed to hear. We didn’t come this far just to give up and stop now! I loved it. 🙂
So about that Canada referral… Stet, we went back and the people were gone, but we got their name. There was no information given, but I emailed you the name and you can look them up in the phonebook if those still exist anymore haha. Give it a try! I will try and find more for you. 
The saddest thing happened this week, and I didn’t know what to do. Some younger kids carrying a young toddler came up to me asking for shoes or something and food, (it was hard to understand cause it was in ilocano), so I gave them the food I had and then the set the baby down on the ground and told me to take it! I looked at my companion like AH I CAN’T take the baby! Luckily the kid started crying and ran back to the kids. Geez it was the saddest thing! 
As far as the work goes, this week wasn’t as successful when it came to the investigators. We got a lot of work done with the RC’s but we only had 1 investigator at church. It was a bit of a bummer. We will still have the baptism on August 30th though as of now. Jonalyn and CJ and super good. They do everything. Except they drank coffee one time because that is all they had at their house for breakfast. Gotta work harder this week!
Haha so, I think I am starting to get used to living with all Filipinos. It has been a lot of adjusting, but it is helping me tons. I think I am picking up the language a lot quicker now. Haha there are still some little things that happen that I remember I am the only American though. Just example, the other day we were eating at the table and we had like hot soup and then something that was frozen. I mean of course that would be a little sensitive on your teeth going from one to the other, but the filipinos were laughing saying sister wood is the only one that can feel it on her teeth because we all have falsies! Fake teeth. Hahaha we all laughed our heads off. Cause I am the only one that has all their front teeth to feel it. They all have a pretty good sense of humor. I also found out that my companion wears size 4 shoes. nakakahiya ako.
Well, I think that is it from San Nicolas 2c. We have a zone activity next monday so I will be telling you all about that. I am stoked. 
Have an amazing week. Stay safe!
Sister Wood
One of these things is not like the other……hahaha

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