Good Luck on your season!! Sister Wood’s team 
My excitement right now to email you all right now is almost as high as it was when I found out that Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album. I hope you all realize how much excitement that is. 🙂 It has been such a fun week. Like one of those weeks that at the end of every entry in my journal this week is says, “I am so happy, and I am so blessed, I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.” And I am not joking when I say that. 

Alright, so it is that time of year when all the sports seasons are starting again. Yeah I will admit, it crosses my mind a lot, and of course I still miss it, but I just want to send the biggest GOOD LUCK to my team as they begin another season! I love all of those girls so much, and they played a big part in shaping me to who I am right now. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this to you all, but my old zone leader in Aparri, Elder Williams, went to BYU. Haha he told me that when he was there, me and someone else on my team (probably Millie) went to their dorm room reminding them about our games. Haha because the freshman had to go around to all of the Helaman Halls giving out flyers hahaha. It made me laugh so hard that he was one of the people we went to. Ahhhh I miss it all. I can not wait to join you all again. Anways, GOOD LUCK! I will be cheering you on here, and I have also recruited some fans for us here in the Philippines haha. Oh, and there is a letter in the mail for all of you! 

There was a kind of cool thing that happened this week that is random that I wanted to share with you even thought it is not a big deal. There is a recent convert family named the Rivera family. All of them are baptized besides the dad. The elders are working on teaching him and he will be getting baptized on September 20th. This last week we went there to teach his wife, and the elders were there teaching. We saw their shoes outside the house so we didn’t go in. We went around the back and grabbed the nanay and went and taught her on the other side of the house. I just loved this situation, because you know the lyrics, “we go forth elisted with helaman’s army?” Yeah, well it is really happening. And in that instant it came to me that this is really the Lord’s work. That Elders and Sisters together are bringing souls to Christ. I think there was a missionary this week that said that the elders couldn’t do it without the sisters and the sisters couldn’t do it without the elders. I was just overwhelmed with joy that I get to be apart of this work. So, in that same family there is an 18 year old girl that we are teaching because she is a recent convert. We had a pretty sweet lesson with her this week. She has been having a hard time getting along with her mom and she finally broke down and cried because we talked about the stripling warriors obeying their mothers. The Spirit was so strong, and my companion started testifying to her about the importance of mothers. My companion has never met her mother in her whole life. It is a really sad story, but she was telling this girl that she has never met her mother, and she wishes that she could go home every day to a mother, and she wishes that she could sit and talk to her mom about everything. Then she went on to say, look at Sister Wood, she spends an hour every monday pouring her whole heart into a letter to her mom. Her mom is her best friend. Yeah you can imagine I just wanted to burst out into tears because you all know how close I am to my mom, and i miss her so much. But I just thought to myself how blessed I am. How blessed I am to have a mother. I regret every time that I argued or disobeyed. Our parents literally are a blessing to have.I could go on forever and ever about how much I love my mom. I told this girl that her and I are too weak and we wouldn’t be able to last without a mom! And Sister Servancia is so strong, that she doesn’t need one. Mom, I can’t wait to hug you again, and I hope you enjoy the 5 page letter I wrote you. 🙂 Haha.

Sister Wood and her Mom

We had interviews this week! It was a blast. We did a little bit of emergency preparedness and had to do some scenarios and literally do what we would in an emergency. It was hilarious. And you all know how much I love my zone. President said I might have 1 more area, so we will see if that happens. During it Sister Barrientos explained to everyone why the sisters have to take calcium. The church is looking out for us that are going to go through child birth haha. She said that if you are low on calcium (must be REALLY LOW) that your teeth will fall out during labor. Anyways, we all kind of laughed about it, and take the calcium anyways. But we found this 35 year old lady this week who has 10 kids. And…. she had no teeth. We left the lesson and thought to ourselves, well, I guess it is true! Haha. Along with that, i brought SO MANY BANDAIDS ON MY MISSION! I remember packing and saying to my mom that I will laugh so hard if I use all of these. Well, I am down to just a small amount left. The ingrown toenails are back, and it is the worst thing ever. I can’t wait not to wear RUBBER SHOES all the time. They are ruining my feet haha. My toenails are going to look like filipino toe nails when i get home haha. 

Well, seriously it has been such a masaya week. I am just thinking that every week from here on out is just going to get more and more masaya! Aren’t I lucky? Ah, so blessed. By the way, I was super blessed with mail this week too. Mostly from my family. More specifically Stetson. And I wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂 It is weird how throughout your mission it changes and all you want is to hear from your family. I love you all so much! And as you can all see, stetson is trying to “talk me up and hook me up.” Haha I miss him so much! 

Mahal ko kayo!

Sister Wood



Sister Webb going home

The chapel in San Nicholas

Letter from Baloogy – Elder Wood

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