The baptism of Papa Rivera
The Happy Couple??
Hey everyone! So, the title of this is just one of my favorite phrases that I read this week in Jesus The Christ. Just thought I would share it with you. These are some of the questions that my mom wanted me to answer so I just figures I would include it in my email so that all of you could read it in case you have wondered some of these too! Here ya go.
*What time do you leave your apartment? 8:00 am SHARP
*Do you ever proselyte on the street or in shops? Yes, on the streets, but not in the shops. There are none in our area!
*What time do you eat lunch? 12:00pm SHARP
*How long is your lunch? 1 Hour
*Do you eat lunch at your apartment or out? In the apartment unless it is P-Day.
*Do you share your groceries with your comp? Us 4 in our apartment all share.
*Do you get a drink or snack every day from the little stores around? No not that often. I usually bring a snack with me.
*What are the Sister’s names in your district? Sister Rodrigo, Sister Arancis, Sister Ieremia, Sister Diolata, Sister Servancia.
*Where are they from? They are all from the Philippines and Sister Ieremia is from Citabus or however you spell it.
*When you have baptisms, who does the baptizing? On Saturdays unless there is a special circumstance. The person being baptized can choose or else just a worthy member. 
*What is the craziest thing you have done on your mission? Man, I can’t pick just one. Every day here is the craziest thing I have done haha.  
*What time do you exercise? 6:20am-7:00am and if there is time, 9:30pm-10:00pm.
*What time do you have to be in your apartment at night? The time is 8:00pm, but president gives us until 9:00 pm to be home. We are always home at 8:00pm though.
*What time do you go to bed? 10:30pm SHARP. No earlier, no later.
*Is it easy or hard to fall asleep? So easy. Ah i love it.
*What time do you leave your apartment on P-Days? 12:00 pm
*What time is P-Day over? 5:00pm
*How often do you go on splits and who do you go with? We never go on splits, we only go on exchanges and that is with the STLs once a transfer.
*What do you do on your P-Day’s besides laundry and email? We clean really good, go to the market, write letters, go to Robinson’s and eat and talk with the other amazing missionaries, and print photos, and do whatever. We never go on any adventures or any tourists places. No time.
*What is the hardest thing you have done on your mission? Being patient with companions and speaking Tagalog!
*When have you felt the spirit the strongest? When the Spirit is working through us. 🙂
*What strengthens you when you feel down? The pictures I have of my family and the picture I have of Christ walking with the little black girl holding a teddy. 
*What are the top ten moments on your mission? I will answer this when I get home.
*What are the top ten ways that you have grown spiritually or changed on your mission? I will answer this later too. 🙂
Let me know if there are any other questions that you would like answered!
It has been a bit of an interesting week in our area… like big things happened that were really good and big things happened that were not good haha. I will only give you the briefs of things though because it would take WAY TOO LONG to write all the details. So I will start just in order of how things went. So on Wednesday it was the baptism of Neil Rivera. The father of the Rivera family. So they are almost complete now, and just have one more child to get baptized for them to be full members in that house! They are going to be getting sealed next year. Ahhh, it was super special and all us missionaries are saying he is going to be bishop. It has been a bit crazy this week for them because they have been planning the wedding for their son (rc) and another girl (she is pregnant, and that is another story.) (rc). Yeah both of them are recent converts. That also happened this week. We got to go to it. You can see the photo. It was at the church, and it was just a traditional wedding. So they got married and stuff, and then we went there later that day to drop by the reception, and basically everything had blown up all over $$$$ and they separated/broke it off the same day. Of course there is a lot more to the story that we probably don’t even know about. So yes, they were married and separated all in 1 day. It has been a disaster, and super hard for us missionaries because both of them are our responsibility! Ahhh still right now I have no idea what we are going to do or what will happen. It has been rough. Also because us as missionaries can’t get involved in stuff like that. We are here to teach the Gospel. It is just not an ideal situation. Because we don’t want either of them to turn their back on the church because of this. We as missionaries sure have learned a lot though. Especially me. Man, your perspective changes so much and you realize really what is important. Even though this situation couldn’t get any worse, it will figure itself out if they align everything on the teachings of the Gospel. Yeah so that is what happened. Anyways, I just said hey all that matter is Papa was baptized. 🙂 
We had 4 investigators at church this week. The one in that picture, and then part of the Gabriel family again! Still no brother… ugh. That is our ultimate goal this week. We got a couple new baptismal dates this week so things are looking up! We didn’t teach as many lessons this week, but we evaluated and were okay with it because all of our lessons were quality. So, at this point, we have done tons of finding and have the investigators now, so we need to just help them progress. Through quality teaching. Quality vs. quantity now. It goes along with one of the focuses of our zone conference that we had. About being awesome teachers. It was good for me to kinda think about if i am a good teacher or not. We have been practicting asking good quesitons, because that is my struggle. More the fact that I have uestions in my head, but the way they come out in tagalog isnt super pretty. I am still working on it. 🙂 
I think that is our week in a nut shell. Sorry if this isnt the prettiest email in the world. Transfer calls will happen on Sunday. Can you believe that? I will let you know what happens. It is kind of a mystery to me. I am just expecting to stay here. And like i said, train. 🙂 Hahaha that is my dream. We will see!!! 
Sister Wood
P.S. My companion is going jogging with me in the mornings. 🙂 I am changing filipinos one at a time. 😉 hahaha
Sister Wood entitled the next few pictures, The Life of Charlie:
We chose him….

His life quickly came to an end….

His feathers were easy to pluck…..

We started out holding him in our arms, and then holding him in a plastic bag.

And then Sister Servancia cooked him up nice and well.
We would have killed him ourselves because it is more cheap to buy them live, but we kinda thought about it and didn’t think it is very missionary appropriate.

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