Red Team Champs!!! Because Sister Wood’s competitiveness would not let her be on a losing team! Gotta love that about her
Team Wood Champs!!
“Hahaha so yeah that was our team name and whenever we won all the elders chanted 24 days hahaha”

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo everyone. 🙂

Yeah the number 24. Jersey number, days left… pretty crazy! How’s life treating everyone. It is craziness all the joy that is being felt here. So I told you all that we were going to Manila. Yeah we did, it was fun! But really quick. Everyone calls it the trunky trip, because it is like a fake out. You get on a plane and leave Laoag, but then you go back the next day! haha. It was a blast though!!!! And then something pretty cool happened on the way home. I sat next to 1 of the 2 other white people on the plane that weren’t missionaries haha and he happened to be from Scotland. We had the best conversation ever! Talked about our families and I showed him pictures of mine and stuff .He was going to do business here. Worked for FedEx. He started asking questions about the church. Like all the basic awesome questions you would want people to ask. I had just happpened to bring English Restoration pamphlets, so that was perfect and I whipped one out and told him he should read this! I was feelings so good like it was all going in the right direction! And then I asked him if I could write his name down and have the missionaries visit him in Singapore, and instantly his guard went up and he said no and that he is happy with his life right now. Gosh my heart shattered into a million pieces in that second… Just took a gulp and respected his agency haha. But guess what, after that, he read the entire pamphlet there on the plane in like 5 minutes! I just kept kinda watching him as he was reading. I was so happy cause usually our investigators take like 2 weeks to finish reading those things! After we landed he asked if he could keep the pamphlet. Of course. At least a seed was planted in this kind mans heart! 🙂 It was sweet.
Work here is still going strong. Our investigators didn’t progress this week. Only a couple of them came to church. Such a bummer, but we had so many less active lessons this week, and that was the reward at church! so many of them came back! I know I have already talked about the happiness that comes from less actives returning to church. It is the best. We had a fun FHE at the Mamaclay’s house this week a less active family, and they came to church. It was so great. We have a lot of work to do with investigators because their baptismal dates are coming up. One of our young investigators will be having her interview this saturday. That is the baptism that we have coming up. 
During a lesson this week hahaha I opened my mouth to start talking and a bug flew inside of it and I basically choked on it and was coughing there for a bit and had to take a drink of water. Kinda just put that fact behind me that I swallowed a foreign bug haha. 
We had a zone activity this morning that was pretty fun. Probably the most spiritual one of my whole mission! Meaning it was all revolved around scriptures and stuff. My team won and we got the best scene acted out when I was Podifers wife (sorry if wrong spelling)… it was hilarious. And pretty sad at the same time because that was my last zone activity of my whole entire life. Wow. Take that one in. 
Well. we are headed to Laoag right now to get an x ray of my chest? I guess that is what you would call it? Not sure haha. All of us have to get it who are going home just to make sure we don’t have some crazy disease. 
I love you all. I love my family. I love the gospel. 
Sister Wood
Hahaha we had to act out the nativity scene.

Mini vacay to Manila

Clean beds and air conditioning – Manila

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