Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven

These feet have served her well
Just clearing the way that the computers here just put a virus on both my memory cards so I don’t have any pictures this week! And I had some way good ones to show you… 😦 It’s alright. Next week na lang! It has been a pretty good and regular week. But good good good stuff has happened!
First off I will tell you a funny story. So you know the painting/picture of elders kneeling at their bed but they had fallen asleep in their prayers still dressed? Well, I feel like that photo is so graceful and picture perfect. Now I will share what happened to me! We were going to bed. (I am exhausted every night). I was saying my usual individual prayer and when I began praying I felt good and like I could stay awake hahaha. I began the prayer, and that is all I remember! I started praying at 10:20pm and next thing I know… and a dream later, I somehow closed my prayer and woke up at 11:20pm still on my knees at my bed hahaha. I was looking around like what is going on? Haha I looked at my watch and it said 11:20pm. My knees were throbbing because of the grooves in the wood floor and my back was killing too from just being in that position for an hour! I kinda got up and I knocked into the metal part of our bed and it made a noise, and then I went to swing my legs up on to my bed and I kicked the electric fan so hard the main part of it came unscrewed and was just smacking against the part that was spinning and it WAS SO LOUD! Haha please just imagine all of this happening. My companion was asleep. And didn’t even wake up! I had to get up and turn the fan off so it would stop screaming  and then all I remember is me climbing into bed and thinking to myself, dang, I broke one of the mission’s fans. Good thing we have extras here. Haha I AM SO WEIRD! That was my graceful story. Of me falling asleep praying. Oh and just so you know, last night I went to climb in bed and it was covered in ants. So I sprayed it all in permethrin and I was just super upset about it.

The best news I have this week is that the whole Gabriel family came to church. The dad came. The mom came. And I wish I had a picture to show you. I have never been so happy. You will just have to wait and see. We all walked a way long ways together to catch our ride. But it was the greatest thing. Just like walking with your family to church! Not only did they go to church, Brother Elorde LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he felt like he was in heaven! And then he said they are coming back next week and he cant’ even imagine what he is going to feel like. He said he will feel higher than heaven! This is the first time on my mission that I have had a FAMILY at church. Like legit. It was such an amazing sunday. We will probably re extend a baptismal date to them. So that they can all be baptized together.

Last night I was sitting at the table and I thought to myself, what if there is an earthquake? And then I went and sat at my desk and writing in my journal and the floor started shaking under my feet. CRAZY RIGHT? That was nuts.

Also, last night we went to a special broadcast that Dallin H. Oaks did for the philippines. We went to Laoag and it was really good and really fun cause I got to see so many missionaries that I probably wont’ get to see before I go home!

I am trying to try every fruit here before I go home. That is just a random goal of mine. And I am wrapping up on the souveneir shopping. If anyone wants something speicifc, just let me know! I may or may not have already started packing up my suit cases. I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff! Feels refreshing.

Well, everyone life and the work and everything here is super good! Sorry this is the most random email in the entire world. I am super happy! In case you can’t tell. 🙂 We have ztm this week for the last time and I will give my “departing testimony.” 😦 Weird. Have an awesome week.

Sister Wood

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