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Thanks for the fake Ray Ban’s from the members 🙂
Manila Temple
Manila Temple


Alright people, first things first. SURPRISE! We went to Manila this week!!! Again. Hahaha right? We were as shocked as you were. It was super random. So I got a call from President on Tuesday and he said you are going to Manila again tomorrow so pack your stuff cause you will be staying over night again! I will admit after being in the same routine everyday for so long, when something comes up that you aren’t expecting, it kind of puts a cramp in things, but we had no choice. My companion had to work around it with planning days with a different companion, but i think they did good! Haha oh my gosh Manila was really fun. Better than last time. Our fingerprinting only took like 3 hours. And while we were at fingerprinting we say other missionaries and one of them was the blonde kid named elder martin who i owned in basketball in the mtc. He felll out of a truck and broke his arm haha! Kinda fun to see familiar faces! So yeah as you can see, we definitely got to go to the temple. Not just go there, but got to do a session there! Ahhhhhhh! 🙂 It was so amazing. So peaceful. So comforting. Exactly where we all needed to be. We were so blessed that we were able to go. Perfect timing, perfect everything. The area over by the temple is so nice. We enjoyed it a ton. We had lunch at Starbucks. 🙂 I bought some cute mugs. Couldn’t resist. We didn’t get back to Laoag until Thursday night so we went back to our area on Friday. Then on Friday we had ZTM which should have been Thursday, but since our ZL was with us in Manila we had to push it back. It was a good meeting. And yeah I gave my departing testimony, but even then it doesn’t feel real that we are going home. We didn’t get to go out and work at all on Friday because after ZTM we had to do weekly planning! So it was a pretty interesting week to say the least. 🙂

We are teaching a part member family and the boy we are teaching is about 1`0 years old and loves basketball. He was sad that we made him stop playing so that we could teach him so we told him that after we would play a little game with him. So yeah we ended up playing barefoot on their “new” court. My companion and I against 3 little tiny filipino boys. Yeah we lost. Let me repeat myself. WE LOST. I think it did worse for our companionship than building it hahaha. Well you know me. I mean it was way dark outside and gotta give them credit they were good. But still, no excuses. Our feet were raw on the bottoms from it but it was worth it. We had a crowd cheering us on. 
I can’t even begin to explain to you all the progression of our investigators this week! So we are teaching the 2 families. Medel and Gabriel. Both of them came to church this week. Not only that but we had some FABULOUS lessons this week with them. Brother Elorde was on fire this week…. with the Spirit! Except for when he drank. Which happened like once or twice this week. You can see the photo I put of Christ in their bahay kubo where he usually drinks!
He told us this week he wants to bear his testimony like the other members did last week that he is so grateful for the missionaries that shared with him about joseph smtih because now he knows about the true church of Jesus Christ. You can imagine our grins from ear to ear. They are such an amazing family. Right now we have 7 progressing investigators. Just gotta keep them progressing! We are being so blessed right now. 
I finished my 6th journal of my mission. Started my 7th and final journal! 🙂 My goal is to have it about full by the time I get home. Takes a lot of writing, but I will do it. I am racking up the coolest things to bring home. 🙂 One of the things I had made got almost finished this last week and I was screaming like a girl when I saw it! But you will see it when I get home. 🙂 
This week we have exchanges. We have interviews, and we are speaking in church. Kinda a busy last week of the mission, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We go to Laoag next monday, so this is technically my last real P-day. Whoa. But yet for some reason it still doesn’t feel real that I will see my family next week. We will be working until the end! 
Love you all.
Sister Wood
All the missionaries that are departing the Philippines are required to get a chest x-ray. These are my results. No one ever saw the actual x-ray. haha

This is my “Go stand in the middle of the rice field for halloween” picture

Velvet Flowers that I love!



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