Cherishing Your Spouse

It means more than you think.

We have all heard the phrases, “cherish your marriage,” or, “cherish your spouse.” Do we all really understand what that means? It goes a lot deeper than, “treating them well.” On, it gives a few different definitions of what the word cherish means, and every single one of them is applicable to what cherishing your spouse means.

It says:View More:

  • to hold or treat as dear; feel love for.
  • to care for tenderly; nurture.
  • to cling fondly.

So according to the actual definition of the word cherish, we should be holding our spouse dearly, feeling love for them, tenderly caring for them, nurturing them, and clinging to them. Now that is a lot of things for just one word. It does have a deeper meaning, and I believe that is why we are told to cherish our spouse.

Our spouses are the most important people in our lives that are on this earth. They are who we have made covenants with. They are the ones that we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with. They are the ones that go through the rollercoaster of life with us. And they are the ones that build us up when everything seems to fall down. I find it ironic that a lot of times, even though we know that our spouses are the most important things in our lives… they still end up being the ones that we come home to and treat the worst. I am not sure if it is because they are who we are comfortable with, or if we know they won’t go anywhere. At times other people who aren’t even family end up being treated better than the ones that we are spending an eternity with. It should not be this way. When we come to fully cherish our spouse, they will be the person we treat better than any other being.

I came across an article from that was titled, What Does it Mean to Cherish Your Spouse? I loved this insight that was shared. “The way you cherish your husband or wife is unique to your relationship. Show your spouse that you value them. Remembering what it is that you cherish, even in the most difficult of moments, may help you stay focused on the positive elements of your marriage. Construct a list of what you love about your spouse and why you cherish him or her” (Bolling). I loved the idea of always remembering the things you cherish about your spouse. Especially at difficult times in your life when it may be hard to think reasons why. Having those positive elements are important. It is something that you can always look at and remember. You obviously married that fabulous person for a reason!

I decided to write a list of things that I love and cherish about my husband Braiden.


  • He constantly helps me to be a better person. Even at times when my pride is flying through the roof.
  • He sees things in such a different way and always gives me a refreshing perspective that I didn’t see.
  • He takes his role as a worthy Priesthood holder very seriously.
  • He kisses me goodnight every single night. He does this because he once saw a list I wrote, of things I wanted in a spouse when I was in high school. One of the things listed was: Kisses me goodnight every night.
  • He is so confident in himself. It is very attractive.
  • He has such a good sense of humor and makes me laugh really hard.
  • He chose to marry a 6ft. tall girl and didn’t event think twice about it. I think that shows his type of character. He does what he knows is right, and doesn’t care what other people think!
  • He leads by example, and that is very important to me.
  • He is an amazing communicator. We always have great conversations, and I always know where he stands on something.
  • He sets goals! And achieves them. I have never met someone so motivated. It is so inspiring! Because of this, we love setting goals as a couple. He is an awesome accountability partner.
  • He loves to serve others. He will drop everything he is doing to go help someone in need. I never hear him complain or say it is inconvenient.
  • He loves me, and always lets me know that.

I encourage you to write down a list of things that you love and cherish about your spouse. While writing all of these out, I realized that yes, I cherish all of these things about him… but does he know that? I have put them down on paper, now I need to show him and tell him in our every day life that I love all of this about him. I believe it is important for him to know and feel that I cherish each one of these things, and o my goal is to let him know that. Try to do the same thing!

To end, I just want to share this thought given by President James E. Faust: “How can I expect God to honor me and be pleased with my service if I do not honor and cherish my very own companion?”

I know that by truly loving and cherishing our spouses, God will be more involved in our marriages, relationships will be strengthened, and we will feel the happiness that He intends all of His children to feel on this earth.

– Courtnee


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