Philippines – What are we packing?


I am all about documenting things, so I had write out all of the things that we are packing for our trip to the Philippines! It will definitely be one to remember. And who knows, maybe one of you will randomly take a trip to the most amazing place ever, and you might need some ideas on what to take! I feel like since we lived there for a couple of years, we have some good tips. Even though I think we are experts on the Philippines, it has been a lot different packing for this trip. The last time we were there, we only wore certain attire. There weren’t many options! This time, we are going as tourists basically, so the options are endless. Keep reading though. You will probably either think we are crazy, or really smart. 🙂

A Backpack

That’s all we are taking. I’m being serious. We will be in the Philippines for a little over two weeks, and each of us has a backpack. Not like a big old hiking backpack. Just a normal good sized school backpack. I am the type of girl that brings as much as possible whenever I can, so this has been a huge stretch for me. I feel good about it though! The main reason we are only taking backpacks is for the convenience. There will be a lot of traveling within the two weeks, and the least amount of stuff we have, the easier it will be. We will be riding a lot of public transportation (buses, jeeps, tricycles), planes to different islands, etc. On top of the convenience, they usually always charge you for the bags. It can add up pretty quickly. Once you see what we are actually taking with us, you will understand why a backpack makes sense, and that’s all we need.

What’s in my bag?

  • 5 Sundresses
    • I wanted to chat about this. These are what I will be wearing every day. I chose dresses, because they are the most light and airy. They are all midi length, so they won’t touch the ground. They will also double as swimsuit coverups. Dresses are just simply so comfortable in my opinion. They also allow you to only wear 1 piece of clothing, and 1 layer. ASOS was my gold mine to find everything for this trip.
  • White linen-like pants
  • 2 Shirts
  • Night gown (Yes, I am a grandma, and it is one that I got while on my mission in the Philippines.)
  • Workout pants
  • Tevas
  • Rubber Hawaiian sandals
  • 4 Swimsuits (probably a little excess.)
  • Snorkel & mask
  • Hair ties & headbands
  • Simple travel size toiletries (We are just buying shampoo and conditioner there along with any other stuff we need. It’s super cheap!)
  • Socks
  • Red Lipsense – Okay, if you care to hear my opinion about this lip stuff… here it is: I love the fact that it stays on forever and doesn’t smudge. That is why I am taking it. Just so I don’t have to keep reapplying lipstick. But what I don’t like about it, is that it doesn’t come off without either rubbing your lips raw, or without the remover. Even that hasn’t worked great for me though. I also do not like the chemical taste and feel that this stuff gives off. The chemical is obviously how it bonds to your lips. Your lips taste like chemical for a while and then it wears off. I find it funny that they always say that you can kiss your husband and stuff without it smudging. So I told Braiden it won’t smudge, and we gave it a try. Yes, true, it won’t smudge. But then he was gagging because of the chemical taste that he then had. Anyways, that’s just my review of it. I am only taking it so that I don’t have to reapply all day long. It’s not my favorite, but since I will be in the water a lot and probably eating a lot, I thought it would be smart to take.

What’s in Braiden’s bag?

  • 2 Normal shorts
  • 2 Athletic shorts
  • 6 Shirts
  • 3 Swimsuits
  • Flip flops
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Socks
  • Snorkel & Mask
  • Simple travel size toiletries

After a week of being there, we will pay one of the sweet women to hand wash our dirt clothes for the next week. They wash clothes better than I have ever seen, and they could always use the extra money.


We will be putting these in personal bags that we carry with us everywhere.

  • GoPro Hero 4 with a stick & tripod
  • Waterproof digital camera
  • My laptop – so I can document our trip and maybe do some homework.
  • Polaroid camera.
    • Here’s why I am taking a polaroid camera: There are so many amazing people that we are going to visit while we are there. I wanted to somehow be able to leave them something to remind them of the time we spent with them. Many of the people there have never had a printed photo of themselves. I thought this would be very sweet to use to take photos with, so that it will print out automatically and they could keep it.

And that’s it! That’s how you pack when going to the Philippines for 2 weeks and only using a backpack. I will for sure update you all on how the backpack situation goes. We know it will be nice because we won’t have to worry about losing luggage, or waiting for checked bags.  We are going to the Philippines with everything we need, but nothing too much more.

It seems as if we have been counting down for this trip for ages, and it is finally here! I will be updating this blog frequently about our adventures on the other side of the world. We feel so blessed to be able to return to the people that we grew to love so much.

~ Courtnee

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