Unknown Treasure in Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

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Because I spent 18 months living in the Ilocos Norte region, I totally thought that I knew of every single destination there was to go and enjoy in the area. When I was planning this trip back to the Philippines, I really wanted to find a nice resort on the beach that we could just sit and relax amongst our crazy traveling that we’d been doing. It had to be somewhat near Vigan City since that is where we were coming from, so I started googling all of the possible places, and I came across the Playa Tropical Resort Hotel in a town called Currimao. It is a Balinese inspired resort that has such great character and is so peaceful. I had never ever heard of this place before and that is why I call it the unknown treasure. It was the perfect location, and right on the beach. I fell in love with this hotel, so we stayed there with our friends for a night and had the greatest time. Here is why…


We will start with food, because that is extremely important when finding a place to stay. At this resort, they have their own restaurant right on site. They have a full-time chef that cooks all of the food, but he is also out interacting with the guests. Before we ordered our food we sat and chatted with him about what his favorite dishes are and what he loves to cook. This made the whole dining experience a lot more fun because we got to know the person who was making our food. It isn’t a cheap restaurant, but I recall that the most expensive dish wasn’t over 400ph, which is about $8. Do not forget to order calamansi (similar to lemon, but better) juice and a halo-halo (filipino dessert). They were absolutely amazing! Also, when you book a room here, it includes breakfast, so they will give you a menu of things to choose from in the morning.

IMG_3719 2
View from dinner.
The chef’s favorite meal. An entire chicken.
IMG_3718 2
Bicol express ilocano style.
Calamansi Juice
IMG_3721 2


Pool & Beach

The pool and ocean side definitely caught my eye when I discovered this resort. I had never seen a resort in Ilocos that had an infinity pool. Not to mention it lined the beach in front of the resort. The water in the pool is obviously not heated, so it feels so good to take a cool plunge and escape the hot humid air! The best thing about the pool here was that we had the entire thing to ourselves. There was no one else swimming or in sight. I was so shocked when we went down to the ocean to find that the water was so so warm. I’m not exaggerating at all. It was a lot warmer than the pool water was! It was a blast.

IMG_3716 2IMG_3713 2


If you are looking for a calm and peaceful place to unwind while still staying within the rich filipino culture, this place is for you. It makes you feel like you are in a filipino paradise, which should be everyone’s goal if you are traveling to the Philippines! I loved that even though you are at a resort, you can still see all of the local’s fishing boats and nets on the beach. I woke up one morning and went out and walked on the beach and found some fishermen pulling in their nets. I went over and started helping them pull the net in, and we were all sad that there were no fish in the nets! Things like that make this resort so much fun because you get to see what the filipino life is really like. If you are at the beach in the afternoon, you might see some filipino kids come to the beach after they get done with school. The whole resort is just so quiet, and like I mentioned previously, there was no one there. Or if there were, they were really quiet. All you could hear were the waves and birds chirping. To make it even more peaceful, you can book one of the many affordable massages they have since they have a masseuse on site. Last but not least, the sunset was probably one of my favorite parts. You just can’t beat it!

IMG_3725 2Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.24.10 PMIMG_3723

How to get to Playa Tropical Resort/Currimao:

  • If you are coming from the south such as Vigan, find a bus that is going north towards Laoag. There are constantly different buses driving by that will stop and pick you up. You will have to be on the main highway waiting though.
  • The drive will be a little over an hour, and tell the bus driver that you want to stop in Currimao where there is a fork in the road.
  • Once you’re at the fork in the road, you will take the left fork that goes into Currimao. People told us to take a tricycle to the resort, but we walked into a 7-Eleven that is right by the highway, and they said it was easy to walk to.
  • Keep walking down the road the 7-Eleven is on, and you will see a sign that says Play Tropical Resort with an arrow. Follow the sign and it will lead you right there!
  • If you are coming from Laoag, just take a bus heading south and get off in Currimao! It should only be about a 30-40 minute bus ride.


Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

Barangay Victoria, Currimao, Ilocos Norte, Philippines



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