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PRESERVE & PROTECT – The most important unit in society.

“The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us.”

-Spencer W. Kimball

This was the statement that stood out to me as I was studying this week about families, and the trends of families right now in this modern world. I thought to myself, “Do I believe deeply and actively in my family and the concept of families in general?” Or, “What am I doing right now that shows my belief in my family?” Those are some questions you can ask yourself as well! The way we can show our deep belief in families is through preserving them, and protecting them. Don’t worry, we will get into those later! I asked some friends and family what they are doing to preserve and protect their families. I made sure to ask a variety of people so that their family ages weren’t all the same. We don’t have children yet, so I wanted to hear what parents who do have children are doing to protect their families. Some of you may not be married yet, and that is okay! You play just as much of a role in protecting the family as anyone else. I hope that your belief in the family will be strengthened, and that you may get some ideas on how you can preserve and protect your own family or future family.

PRESERVE – Your family.

When I first was researching about what it means to preserve, I totally thought that it meant the same thing as protect, which we all know the definition of. The difference between the two is that preserve means to keep it in the same state as it is in. Don’t let it change. Example, the noun preservation refers to the protection of something — especially from loss, injury, or danger. You may fight for the preservation of the woods near your house because of all the animals that live there. Preservation is also a process that keeps organic things from decomposing. Like African preservations take steps to protect animal species from extinction, we must take the necessary steps in order to keep the things we value from being altered. You make sure it stays in that same organic state. So in regards to the family, it is up to us to preserve like any other species on the planet. It is not hard to notice the changes that are being made to the traditional family life in the world we live in today. Through our beliefs in the family, we can preserve the most important unit in society. God has ordained marriage and ordained bringing children into the world. Through these things, we will be able to experience the most joy that is possible here on this earth. How are we supposed to do that? From the friends and family that I talked to, I compiled a list of ideas that you can do in order to preserve your very own family:

  • Have dinner as a family.
    • This is a special time that you can sit down together and bond as a family. Discuss your days, and the things that you learned.
  • Study the scriptures as a family & individually.
    • My sister shared this with me, “We established a pattern of scripture and prayers when our kids were toddlers, and our routine hasn’t changed since then. It is the exact same every night, and if we miss a night, they have a fit! Before my son goes to the bus stop in the morning, we always have a prayer as well. It’s a great way to start the day.”
  • Hold family home evening.
    • The church has set aside Monday night to do this, but if it by chance doesn’t work, choose a night during the week that is strictly for being with your family and enjoying each other’s presence. We are promised by latter-day prophets that if we commit ourselves to family home evening, our families will be protected against the evils of our time.
  • Pray as a family.
    • Morning and night.
  • A house of order.
    • God’s house is a house of order. In D&C 88:119 it says: “Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; an establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.” How you organize your home is up to you, and will be different from your neighbor.

PROTECT – Your family.

Now we all know what protecting means. It refers to guarding something important. Which in this case would be the family. Your family. Satan is doing every possible thing he can to destroy the family. Look around. You can see it everywhere. The “spiritual” well-being was discussed a lot in the “preserve your family” section. Protecting your family is where we will talk about “physically” protecting your family. What are we going to do to protect our families? I love some of the suggestions that were given when this question was answered.

  • Put the well-being of your family as your #1 priority.
    • If your child or someone in your family is unsafe (spiritually or physically) in anyway, do everything possible to change that.
  • Open and HONEST communication with your spouse.
  • Open and HONEST communication with your children.
    • Create an environment and relationship where your children are never scared to come and tell you something or discuss a question they may have. It is important to always keep that healthy relationship with your children so they will trust you.
  • Filter the technology in your home.
    • These days, you no longer have to go searching for inappropriate things such as pornography. They come to you! Even if you don’t want it. Filtering technology protects your children. It does not restrict them from anything.
  • Teach within your home.
    • Teach your family that through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance you will have the Spirit with you. Through the Spirit, you will be able to protected from all of the evils in the world. Also teach them the necessary skills in order to be good citizens in society.

We are so blessed to have families. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am that God has given them to us. Think about it. When are your happiest times? Are they when you are alone? Playing sports? I mean I have had some pretty exciting sports moments, and even they don’t compare to time spent with my family and my husband. Families are what bring us happiness! God has given us the opportunity to be with them FOREVER, not just in this life here on earth. We can be with them even after we die. It is such a special gift, and one that needs to be protected.

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